Merry Christmas

646896-dcuholliday001_superAnd a massively happy New Year! I just want to say a huge thank you to all the people that have been reading my humble little blog over the last six months. I just started it as a way to document my first magical trip to San Diego Comic-Con back in late July, and it morphed into something very fun and fulfilling. Climbing towards 11 000 hits is an excellent way to cap off the year so thank you to everyone who’s peeked in at CBJ to see what’s up in the world of comics and pop culture in general, and to the publishers that have quoted my reviews and linked here. Much appreciated. It’s been great for me to have this since the on-line mag Infuze closed down, of which I was the comics department head. It allows me to get my geek on. 2009 will be an even greater year, hopefully, with something that’s been in the works for about 4 months with a mate from work. You can get a peek here, but we’ll be officially launching soon. Writing for Broken Frontier and Sight has been a great opportunity for me too. I’m truly thankful for this year. I’ve already said that, haven’t I? Well, have a great holiday and hope you come to reflect on the real Reason for the season. (That’d be Jesus, the real superhero!) Yep.

Purge + Audit Free CD

Purge + AuditI have a friend (yes, it’s true) named Mladen who’s quite the talented young man. The kind of guy that women want to be with and men want to be. No, wait. That’s James Bond. Anyway, Mladen has just released his debut CD, Purge + Audit for download on-line. I’ve shared it with a few people and they all seem impressed. It’s kind of a chill out vibe, with smooth beats, sonic rhythms and hooks to die for. Actually I just threw all those words in because I’m not a music reviewer. It is good though. You can listen to it here, or download it here. (Just enter the 3 letter code at the top of the screen) It takes a lot of work to make something like this, so I admire his determination, so become his friend and tell him what you think. He’s also a huge indie comics fan and Track No. 6 entitled Ampersand is surely a Y: The Last Man reference. Battlescar Spectacular’s a cool name too. Most of these trip-hop songs are vocal free and are good for just chillaxin’, especially Sky Marshall, which I used on my 24 Hour Comic Day video. So, give the young fella a chance, and when he becomes rich and famous I can live in one of his Malibu apartments. Thank you.

Black Lightning Interview

Over at Broken Frontier, I interviewed Black Lightning. Not really, but I did fire some questions at Jen Van Meter, the writer of Black Lightning’s Year one mini-series due out from DC on January 7. I’ve always had a place in my heart for the bro with the ‘fro and it’s great to see Jefferson Pierce is now sporting a cool new costume while hanging out with his Justice League buddies. Now you can see how he went from Olympian to teacher to electric superhero.

While I’m on the topic, I heard about a skit that Saturday Night Live did back in 1993 when the Death of Superman came out, starring Sinbad as Black Lightning. I haven’t been able to find it on YouTube, but I finally saw it at this blog. The cast star as various Marvel and DC characters (including Rob Schneider as Jimmy Olsen and Adam Sandler as The Flash) at Superman’s funeral. It’s pretty amusing, I gotta say.