Villain Variant Covers

As part of Marvel’s Bring on the Bad Guys! ‘event,’ they are populating a few of their best books with villain-centric covers. Below are the covers of Incredible Hercules#124, with the god of war Ares on the cover, and art by Ed McGuiness. There’s also the crazy cover for X-Force #10 by the legendary Bill Sienkiewicz. Both variant covers go on sale on December 31.



10th Muse Returns

One of Bluewater Productions’ most well-known titles is back. Press release below.

downloadBluewater Productions is bringing back its flagship title 10th Muse as part of the Ray Harryhausen Presents comic book line. The exciting new series, “10th Muse: 800”, is scheduled for a February 2009 release.

Just as Stan Lee took on DC Comics, Wonder Woman in the “Just Imagine” titles, Ray Harryhausen Presents will be putting a whole new spin on the 10th Muse.  It all begins when Lxandra witnesses the destruction of Olympus. She wakes up in the year 2907 to find herself in a whole new world with a completely different body.  The world may have changed, but the pursuit of justice hasn’t. Not only must the 10th Muse adjust to her life in a different time, she must also fight a new enemy with an old face.  The battle for the city of Neo Ithaca begins with a bang in the first epic issue of 10th Muse 800!

“2009 is going to be the year of the 10th Muse at Bluewater,” said series creator, and Bluewater publisher Darren G. Davis.  “This version of the character is going to be a little darker than the traditional series, along the lines of “Blade Runner.”  Some of the classic characters from the original Image Comics series will be making an appearance.  There is also a new ongoing series in the works that will feature the new and fully reloaded Lxandra.

The new version of 10th Muse is written by Adam David Gragg.  Gragg has worked on other Ray Harryhausen Presents titles, most notably “Sinbad and the Merchant of Ages.”   He will be teamed with former Chaos Comics penciler Roman Morales III.  Roman is best known for his work on such Chaos series as Lady Death, Evil Ernie, Lynch Mob and also the X-Men book Time Gilders for Marvel Comics. Morales’ long time inker Greg Harms who has done extensive freelancing work will be working on the inks.  Rounding out the team, with breathtaking watercolor paints will be colorist Martina.

“I can say with all honesty, working this version of the 10th Muse is one of the highlights of my career,” said writer Adam David Gragg.   “It’s not often a writer gets to work on an iconic character like the 10th Muse that has so much to offer, not only in story, but also in sheer kick-ass, take no prisoners characterization.”

“Working with Bluewater Productions on the 10th Muse has been living up to the challenge and interest I wanted in a book” said penciler Roman Morales III. “I have been given an opportunity to apply my talents along with a group of other amazing artists who seem to compliment each others abilities.”

Top Cow: No Price Hikes

As expected, Marvel has raised their prices for some of their comics to $3.99. Top Cow will not be following suit, for at least a year. That’s good news in these tough times, from the Witchblade and Darkness publisher. Official press release below.

darkness-8-cvr-aTop Cow Productions, Inc. announced today it will maintain a $2.99 price point for its regular-sized comic books throughout 2009, despite the recent move of other publishers to raise the cost of some of their books to $3.99.

“We looked around and saw cover prices creeping up and up all around us,” noticed Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik. “It seems wrong to raise your prices on customers during these tough economic times. Once we knew we were going to hold the line on our prices, it made sense to call attention to it. Hopefully, it will encourage some fans to try our titles.”

And despite the price freeze, Top Cow will not compromise the quality of its regular-sized books to cut overhead costs.

“Our content pages will remain the same as it is now and in fact we’re adding more and more added-value pages, including interviews, back-matter articles and preview art,” said Sablik. “We want to be the value and quality leader in the industry.”

The $2.99 price point does not apply to oversized books, exclusive variant covers and special editions.

Top Shelf Sale

logoWell, this is the time for comic sales, hey? Time to buy up big for the fellow geek in your family. That wonderful indie publisher, Top Shelf, currently has a sale on now until Sunday December 14. You get free priority shipping for all orders over $40 to the US. They also have a bunch of $3 stocking stuffers.Go here for the full list of goodies.