Mighty Avengers #21 Cover

mightyavengers_21Touted as a great jumping on point for new readers, this extra sized issue guest stars all the different Avengers flavours. That would be New, Young, Dark and Classic. I think there’s also a Cinnamon. Written by Dan Slott and pencilled by Khoi Pham, this January 14 releasing special ish shows the new line-up,  post Dark Reign. On the cover is the once-crazy (hopefully) daughter of Magneto, Scarlet Witch, Hank Pym in a new outfit to honour his wife Janet who died in the last issue of Secret Invasion and the female android created by  Ultron, Jacosta. An intriguing mix of characters so far.

Hopefully fans won’t get fat on all these Avengers variations, but the post-Secret Invasion world, with Norman Osborn (Green Goblin) effectively now a recognised hero, the Marvel U could have enough room for the ever growing list of super-teams. It reminds me of when DC made Lex Luthor President in 2000, and all the great stories that flowed on from that. With Osborn gaining power, yet still retaining his evil machinations, our heroes could have some interesting battles ahead.

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