Farscape Preview

FarScape_001CBOOM! Studios has wisely chosen a good, familiar franchise with Farscape and they’re not the only one. Dark Horse has Buffy, IDW has Angel and Doctor Who and Star Trek. TV franchises work, because they have a built in audience. They work even more when they’re faithful adaptations, in-continuity and carry on what the TV series began. Because Buffy has been promoted as the official next season by creator Joss Whedon himself, Dark Horse, and the industry, has been rewarded with a greater audience, and  a new one at that. Hopefully BOOM! will have a similar response. I was never a huge fan of Farscape, but it has my respect for being a sci-fi series filmed in Australia and for using puppets. Thanks to the Jim Henson Company, no less! Well, Christmas Eve is the launch of the new Farscape comic, which picks up straight after the events of The Peacekeeper Wars mini-series. This was originally slated for a November release but has been pushed back to allow for some fine-tuning. The comic is written by Farscape creator Rockne O’Bannon and Keith R.A. DeCandido, with art by Tommy Patterson. Preview pages are below to give you a glimpse of John Crichton and co. once more.





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