DC Nation Ad

DC Nation is an upcoming TV series that will air on Cartoon Network in 2012. This new ad shows cut scenes from the Lego Batman game, and the upcoming Gotham City Imposters, as well as Green Lantern and Young Justice, and behind the scenes stuff. It looks good and should serve to get the DC brand out there and entice new readers.

Extra Sequential Podcast #56-Comics We Wanna See

77 mins. After a few brief news items we launch into comics we’d like to see some day. This involves dream projects, concept variations and fond memories of 80s cartoons and forgotten 90s TV shows. We also sing. A lot and mention Gerard Depardieu, She-Hulk and Mad Max.


You can email us at kris (at)extrasequential(dot)com and befriend us on the NEW ES Facebook page.

2:24 NEWS

Brian Wood at Marvel

Alpha Flight ongoing series

Superman film costume pics

Conan’s failure at the box office




Nowhere Man


Star Trek comics NOT based on any of the movie/series characters, and New Frontier

Bionic Six

Asterix and Obelix from new creative teams, ala Spirou and Lucky Luke

Marvel and DC combining forces into one mega-publisher

Peter David returning to Hulk

(good) Indiana Jones comics

Original Phantom stories from Australia

Different iterations of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, such as this great ’80s one

The Ultimates Volume 3 by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch

Hard science fiction comics

Tom Neely for a new Popeye series, like his surreal “Popeye: Doppelganger”

More Elseworlds tales from DC Comics

Also, comics that do exist but that you may not know about, such as Dark Crystal, X-Men Forever, X-Factor Forever and Buckaroo Banzai.

Check out Project Rooftop and Superman 2000 too.

The Big Bang Theory and DC Comics Team Up

This is my 1800th post. Wow. That went fast.

My podcast co-host Mladen and I disagree on the entertainment value of The Big Bang Theory. I actually quite like it, but maybe that’s just because I like to see comics being discussed during prime time. It would be good to see fanboys and girls portrayed as something other than uber-nerds though.

Well, the show is now being syndicated, ie, repeatable daily, and DC Comics is teaming up to celebrate by offering Big Bang themed backing boards and more goodies.

Further details here, in which you can also see the below excerpt featuring the BBT boys, which after some searching I discovered is from Power Girl #4 from 2009. Read more pages of that ish here.


Wonder Woman TV Series Logo

I have a feeling this new TV series starring the Amazonian superhero (from David E. Kelley) will receive more criticism than the Spider-Man Broadway show. Here’s the logo and here’s a brief look at a day’s shooting, with Elizabeth Hurley, and no she’s not the titular heroine.

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