Extra Sequential Podcast #65-Chuck Dixon

62 mins. In short, Chuck Dixon is an underrated writer who writes a lot, and writes very well.We dissect the prolific output of this mercenary comic book writer, and delve into the controversial issues and personal politics which led to his blacklisting at both Marvel & DC. Also, Whoopi Goldberg’s love life and Billy Connolly as Dr. Who.




1:54 NEWS 

Ted McKeever’s Mondo

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman on TV show The View


Dixon is a master world builder and wrote a multitude of mainly Batman related titles in the ’90s and early 2000s. He expanded the lives of Tim Drake and Dick Grayson, co-created Bane and made an all-female series a huge success in Birds of Prey.


Super Max And Whiteout

Justin Marks is a fanboy screenwriter who has been attached to a few dream projects, such as He-Man, Voltron, Hack/Slash and Suicide Squad. None of those films have yet to be made as yet though, but the one script of his that is generating most of the excitement is one based on Green Arrow. In it, Oliver Queen only appears as the Emerald Archer briefly in the film’s intro, before being framed and imprisoned in a Super Maximum penitentiary, with many supervillains he’s put there. Then he tries to break out while battling them. It’s an unusual take on a comic book film, and the title definitely needs to be changed (Super Max sounds like a Disney film) but now a similar script (without the comic characters) has been picked up by Sony with a supernatural twist. It looks like Warner Bros. still wants to make the Green Arrow-centred one though. Phew.

On the comic book adaptation note, the new film Whiteout which stars Kate Beckinsale as a U.S Marshall investigating the first death in Alaska has been released in America. It’s based on the 1998 4 ish mini by Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber and so far, the reviews haven’t been kind. It’s directed by Dominic Sena (Gone in Sixty Seconds) and doesn’t open in Australia until November 5.

Whiteout Poster

Green Arrow Stuff

I just picked up Smallville Season 6 because it was cheap. I was never a fan of the show when it first began, with its boring baddies of the week premise, but as it started to expand its mythology and bring in more DC guest stars it piqued my interest. Once the rest of the seasons become cheap I’m sure I’ll pick them up too. It was great seeing actor Justin Hartley in the Neal Adams designed costume from the comics in an episode with a fancy dress party opener, and he does Oliver Queen justice, I gotta say. The doco on the history of the character is a nice feature too. And I saw a neato episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold this morning which featured a Bats and GA (in his classic outfit) team up. AND to top of the emerald archer goodness, here’s a pic from DC’s latest wave of Classic action figures.


Cool, huh? The others in the Mattel series are Deadshot, Black Canary, Black Adam,Mantis, Parademon, Wildcat and Classic Guardian and a build-a-figure Chemo. You can see all of them here.

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