Spider-Girl #2 Preview

Marvel like to expand their brand, that’s for sure. There’s a Hulk family, Wolverine family and now Spidey has a similarly themed friend in the new Spider-Girl. Below is a text-free preview of next month’s second issue.

Your First Look at SPIDER-GIRL #2

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Spider-Girl #2, from the fan favorite creative team of Paul Tobin and Clayton Henry!  Spider-Girl’s officially hit the Big Time …and she’s already made the top of the Red Hulk’s hit list! Can an average – albeit empowered – New York teenager put down one of the Marvel Universe’s biggest powerhouses?  Or will her reinforcements, the Fantastic Four, make it in time to save the day? Anya Corazon gets a crash course in the high cost of heroism in Spider-Girl #2, on sale this December!

SPIDER-GIRL #2 (OCT100569)

Written by PAUL TOBIN



Rated A …$2.99

FOC – 11/23/10, On-Sale – 12/15/10

Spider-Girl Goes Digital

spectacularspidergirlIn our second issue of Extra Sequential (it’s only days away, and even more action packed than our first issue) we have an interview with Tom DeFalco, the writer behind Spider-Girl. In related news, Mayday Parker’s title has ended, but her adventures continue digitally. Official press release below.

At first, she was just SPIDER-GIRL. Then she became the AMAZING SPIDER-GIRL. Now, Mayday Parker, the future daughter of Spider-Man goes digital in the all-new THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-GIRL #1! Marvel is pleased to announce that Spider-Girl will return in an all new series, exclusive to the groundbreaking Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited, beginning April 15th! Written by co-creator, Tom DeFalco, drawn by co-creator, Ron Frenz, and inked by Sal Buscema, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-GIRL #1 debuts on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited as part of the subscription service’s exclusive digital comics program. The story will appear in print two weeks later in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN FAMILY #5 on sale Wednesday, April 29th.

 Spider-Girl fans can gear up for THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-GIRL’s digital debut by reading FREE Spider-Girl digital comics right now.

Amazing Spider-Girl #25 Preview

Here’s a text-free look at the double-sized series that just won’t die, Amazing Spider-Girl. Written by Tom DeFalco with art by Ron Frenz, the series focusing on Spidey’s future daughter, Mayday Parker is a fan fave. In this anniversary ish, Mayday must rescue her middle-aged father from the clutches of Fury, the Goblin Queen. The back-up stories centre on a trip to the past involving Peter Parker’s classic foe, Kaine, with art by Todd Nauck and a story drawn by Coleen Coover all about Peter’s other kid in Li’l Benjy: The Spectacular Spider-Baby. The issue goes on sale on October 8. For now, enjoy the pics.

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