My First Book Is Out!

I must say, after over a year of focused work, it’s a great feeling to open a box and see books with my name on it. It’s a grand feeling to finally hold it in my hands and know it’s real! 🙂

Beautiful Nonsense is an anthology of 35 funny and odd short stories, in the vein of Monty Python, Blackadder, Jack Handey, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. Here’s my official description below the photos.



An out of touch father trying to teach his bored son a unique form of martial arts.

A flashy superhero who cares more about his image than actually doing anything heroic.

A shy Martian longing to fit into high school in the American Mid-West.

The thirty five short stories within Kris Bather’s debut range from the bizarre (elderly friends hazily recounting their glory days) to the even more bizarre (competitors in a chili eating festival happily willing to die for first prize).

Surreal and silly, Beautiful Nonsense embraces the inherent oddness of interactions, both human and otherwise, and takes them to hilarious extremes.

You can buy the digital version for only $1.49 from the Amazon Australia store. The print version as well as the digital version are also available from Amazon’s other sites worldwide, including America and the UK. Canada! France! Brazil! India! Germany!

You can check out a preview of my book on the links above, but it is a random preview, so you may not get my complete stories. However you can check out full previews on my Wattpad.

It’s published through CreateSpace, which is effectively Amazon’s self-publishing arm, and I highly recommend it. Anyone can publish their books via CreateSpace and with Amazon’s global reach, it makes a lot of sense for indie authors like myself.

It’s been a challenging process at times, but also a very rewarding one. If you do buy a copy, I hope you like it and please let me know what you think.

Holy Flying Circus

Being a Brit (by birth, though an Aussie at heart) with Brit parents meant I grew up with an awesome education in English sitcoms. Blackadder, Fawlty Towers, Red Dwarf and of course, Monty Python’s Flying Circus. That means that the upcoming BBC film, Holy Flying Circus is good news.

The film focuses on the filming of Monty Python’s 1979 film, Life of Brian. We all remember the, “He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!”, “blessed are the cheesemakers,” and all that. It’s a memorable film for sure and was surrounded by controversy and protests upon its release. Few of the Christians I know (including myself) actually hate the film. In fact, the Pythons were quite clear about it not being about mocking Christ, and they achieved it. It is a smart, funny and entertaining film.

I’ll certainly be watching Holy Flying Circus, especially as it casts actors as the Python team (John Cleese, Eric Idle, Michael Palin,etc) and will incorporate animation and puppetry. I’m a sucker for all the behind the scenes stuff too and thoroughly enjoyed the modern interviews with the Pythons on the great Almost the Truth: The Lawyers Cut DVD. See the trailer for that below, including a snippet of the Brian trouble.

Star Trek vs Monty Python

Original Star Trek TV series footage combined with a classic Python song. The result: most amusing.