Comic Book People Photo Book

Jackie Estrada (not to be confused with Jackie Estacado, the wielder of The Darkness), is a longtime comics insider and she currently has a Kickstarter project on the go, with the aim of releasing a book filled with candid shots of comics pros in the ’70s and ’80s. Imagine famed creators before cynicism took its toll! Imagine the fashion! Imagine Alan Moore’s mighty beard looking exactly the same!

Jackie Estrada’s Kickstarter-Funded Comic Book People Provides Unique Peek at Industry’s Greats

Longtime comics industry insider Jackie Estrada is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund her book Comic Book People: Photographs from the 1970s and 1980s. The book offers a unique peek at the early days of comics conventions before they were big pop culture events, when the giants of the industry mingled casually with their peers and fans.

The high-quality hardcover coffeetable book will feature some 600 candid photos of comics creators taken in the 1970s and 1980s, along with commentary and anecdotes about each person.

According to Estrada, the book combines two of her lifelong passions: comics and photography. She has been a comics fan since the 1960s and has been to every San Diego Comic-Con, as well as to numerous other comics, science fiction, and similar fan events over the last four decades. Her involvement in comics has included editing publications for Comic-Con, serving as the administrator of the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards since 1990, serving as president of Friends of Lulu, and being the co-publisher of Exhibit A Press, which produces her husband Batton Lash’s Supernatural Law graphic novels. Exhibit A will publish Comic Book People as well.

Estrada’s passion for photography also goes back to the 1960s, when she learned to shoot and develop film in college. In the mid-1970s she began serious study of photography and became part of the local San Diego photography scene.

Her photos of comics creators have appeared in numerous books and publications, from Paul Levitz’s 75 Years of DC Comics and Julius Schwartz’s autobiography Man of Two Worlds to Alter Ego and Comics Buyer’s Guide. Most prominently, dozens of her photos were used in Dark Horse’s Comics: Between the Panels and in Comic-Con: 40 Years of Artists, Writers, Fans, and Friends. Most recently, her photos could be seen in the PBS special on the history of superheroes.

“I had the opportunity for thousands of my negatives to be digitized in high-quality scans, and I thought this would be the perfect time to put together a book,” says Estrada. “To make it manageable, I’m focusing on shots from the 1970s and 1980s. But it’s still going to be hard to narrow the choices down.”

The book is projected to be 160 pages, with mostly black-and-white images but a 16-page color section. Estrada’s goal is to raise $18,000 to cover the costs of design, production, printing, shipping, distribution, and backer rewards.

The candid photos depict not only Golden and Silver Age comic book greats and mainstream creators of the period but also publishers and editors, underground and alternative cartoonists, big-name fans, comic strip cartoonists, animation directors and voice actors, science fiction and fantasy authors, and movie and TV celebrities.

Among the premiums being offered to Kickstarter backers (and the backer levels are all named after fictional photographers in comic books and comic strips, such as Peter Parker and Vicki Vale) are postcards of images from the book, a 16-month calendar, and a rare 1986 Comic-Con poster featuring a collage of Jackie’s pictures.

The Kickstarter campaign can be found here.

Note: The cover image is a mock-up; some of the photos may change.

Comic Book People D1.indd

Godzilla Comic, Storykiller and JLA Film

Legendary Pictures turned their hand to comics a while ago, and although they don’t produce a lot of sequential art, it’s always pretty slick, such as The Tower Chronicles, and Shadow Walk.

Like they did with Pacific Rim, Legendary Comics is producing another prequel. Their latets project is a comic tieing in to the May 16th release of the Godzilla cinematic reboot, which is directed by Gareth Edwards (the excellent, low budget Monsters) and starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. The original graphic novel will hit stands a week before the film’s premiere, and is set a few decades before the events of the film. Below you can see Edwards’ announcement about the project.

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Starstruck Returns

Official lowdown below about a cult comic returning, via a Kickstarter campaign, and it looks like it’s going to reach its target. More details, and video here.

Renowned fantasy artist and SPECTRUM Grand Master Michael Kaluta and EMMY-award nominated actor-turned-writer Elaine Lee are have launched Kickstarter for the next book in their critically acclaimed Starstruck series. The campaign has made half it’s goal in the first 24 hours.
This Sci-Fi Noir Graphic Novel, set in the Starstruck Multiverse, follows IDW’s Starstruck Deluxe Edition. The 167 page, signed and numbered hardback book will include 60 pages reprinted from Harry Palmer’s story in the 1980s Marvel/Epic run, expanded from within with flashbacks from our hero’s past, along with 80 brand new pages of sequential art to finish Harry’s story.  Approximately 20 pages will be gallery, glossary and special features.

I Draw Comics Sketchbook

Crowd funding site Kickstarter is always worth a look to see people’s ideas vying for your attention (and money), and here’s one that’ll make novice comic artists sit up and take notice.

Here’s the blurb, and here’s where you can get more info.

The I DRAW COMICS Sketchbook & Reference Guide is the ultimate tool for practicing the basics of Comic Book illustration, page design and the art of storytelling.  We’ve designed the ultimate Comic Book Artist Field Guide by combining commonly used industry reference materials and 100+ sketching templates into a ubiquitous and iconic molelskine sketchbook form.

American Dark Age

There’s always cool stuff to be found on funding site Kickstarter. I have it bookmarked to see what unique, arty and ambitious projects are getting attention and money to make them spring to life. American Dark Age is one such project I discovered, amongst the plethora of cool comics vying for attention. It has until Sunday September 4 to reach its goal of $2600. So far it has $2470 so its promising. Below is the lowdown on the project and here’s where to discover more. Oh, and here’s where to see some preview pages.

Megabrain Comics brings you the first series in their neo-medieval, apocalyptic trilogyAMERICAN DARK AGE which takes place in a near future when a mysterious event renders all combustion based machinery, weapons and electrical technology impotent and useless. The story focuses on Katherine Brody, a young punk singer from Oregon and her rise as an unlikely warrior in a world that no longer recognizes itself.

AMERICAN DARK AGE thrusts the reader in to this archaic landscape and asks not only who you were before “The Blackout” but who will you be after, with so much righteous destiny and sinister opportunity laid before you to be picked at with the tip of a sword.

Brody’s journey takes her and a small band of Marine Corps “Knights” from the bloody shores of California across the now harsh and lawless landscape of the United States to an end that will change the face of a nation forever.

Filled with political intrigue, character drama and ultra-violent sword clashing battle scenes, AMERICAN DARK AGE takes a new look at the American spirit and what people can achieve and destroy when they set their mind to it.

The story by Jean Michel is epic!
The art by Jacqueline Taylor is bloody amazing!!
The production by Megabrain Comics is slick!!!

But, this much awesome isn’t free, people.
We need $2600 to get issue #1 off the ground and on to the shelves, but exceeding our goal will allow us to put additional content in the book or print variant covers. Plus we’ll be able to offer more rewards and one-of-a-kind goodies.

That is why we’ve come here today to give you, stalwart Kickstarter philanthropist and you, loyal and ravenous Mega-Fan, the opportunity to be a part of all the magic…with your money.

Transmetropolitan Art Book on Kickstarter

Yep, an official art book with the thumbs up, and participation, from the creators of the Vertigo series, Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson. Some avid fans have set up the art book goal on project funding website Kickstarter and have some impressive names lined up as artists, such as Joe Benitez, Dan Brereton, Sam Kieth, Jeff Lemire and many more.

The pledging will end on Valentine’s Day next year (that’s February 14) and so far they’ve raised almost half of their $26, 000 goal to print a few thousand copies of the hard bound book. Get more info here.