Making of Solomon Kane #1

Comic books are a lot like onions – they make you cry. No, I mean, they have many layers. Yeah, that’s it. Now at Dark Horse’s official site, you can peel back those layers and have a brief look at what it takes to make a comic, specifically Solomon Kane #1. The 32 page comic goes on sale on September 24 and is written by Scott Allie, with pencils by Mario Guevara. Covers are provided by Joe Kubert and John Cassady (who also does the Lone Ranger covers) This unique feature showcases the first 6 pages of the ish, in its various stages, namely the script, pencils, colouring and lettering. All comics are a team effort and this is a rare example to peak behind the curtain and see what each creator brings to the finished product. Go here for a look at the mad puritan Solomon Kane, the other creation from Conan creator, Robert E. Howard. This new series begins with a 5 part adaptation of one of Howard’s novels, “The Castle of the Devil.”

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