Merry Christmas 2013!

Every year the festive season seems to just teleport in to existence, doesn’t it? Time certainly flies.

As always, there is a ton of great Christmas themed comics goodies online, but here is just a smattering.

Firstly, Dark Horse are generously offering two free digital comics (see below). Don’t worry about the price below the Read Now button. Just log-in or register, hit the button and read away.

A special thank-you for your patience.
We want to thank you for both your understanding and your continued support for our digital comics program. ‘Tis the season for giving, and we have a special gift for you. For a limited time, we have made two great Dark Horse holiday classics available for free download! That’s right, you can download both Hellboy: A Christmas Undergroundand The Goon #10: A Christmas Carol at no charge, today!
Comics Alliance have an impressive gallery of 200 Christmas comic covers over the decades, full of the whacky and irreverent and occasionally, meaningful.
For something more active, you may like to try Relevant’s 25 suggestions for a great Christmas. Also at Relevant, is this great article about the classic Christmas carol, O Holy Night. Here’s an excerpt to remind us of what Christmas really is about.
Because this Christmas, like the first one, isn’t holy. It’s just a day. But what we celebrate on this day—what we remember—is the birth of a Savior whocan handle our expectations. And our fear and anger and loneliness. It’s not just met by Jesus. It’s why he came in the first place. The only way to redeem an unholy world is with a holy sacrifice.
Merry CHRISTmas everyone!

Damian Wayne’s Christmas Wish

Here’s part of an article that didn’t get finished, but I figured was worth sharing.

Damian Wayne (AKA, son of Bruce Wayne, and current Robin)

Gift: Puberty

The newest Robin maintained his crime fighting partner status throughout the DC relaunch, despite the shonky timeline of it all. Initially as annoying as any pre-pubescent teen (especially one who believes he’s the rightful heir to a crimefighting legacy) young Damian Wayne slowly enamoured himself to the hearts of fandom, if not within all quarters of the Batcave. He may have everything a boy could ever want in the form of a cool costume, the ability to kick any adult’s butt, access to hi-tech gear, a butler and an underground lair, but there’s still one thing missing – the makings of a man. Yep, young Master Wayne needs a deeper voice and a hairy chest.

Of course, puberty will also make him taller, faster and stronger too. The downside for his fellow Bat Family members is that he’ll become even more moody and may ditch the whole serving justice thing in favor of constantly texting some damsel in distress he just rescued.

See more great Christmas themed comics art right here.

Merry Christmas

This has been a good year.

The Extra Sequential podcast is going strong, 2 years later. Wow.

Friday was my last day at my job of over 4 years, thanks to a redundancy that has been in play for quite some time. It was sad to farewell my friends, but I’m also excited for the unknown future.

I also joined a great new church after moving house at the start of the year and have been honoured to write snippets for the weekly bulletin for the last few weeks. Here’s what I wrote for Christmas:

Every birth is a joyous occasion as it grows the family. At Christmas we celebrate history’s most important birth as God’s plan for eternal salvation through His Son began. Jesus declared in John 12 that He, “will draw all men to myself.”

Christ’s birth heralded a new way for humanity to know and love God. Christmas Day may be an important part of our calendar, but really, it’s just another day. We shouldn’t need a reminder of God’s glorious offer of salvation, and the miracle of Christ’s birth. We should be aware of Him, and thankful for all He’s done for us, and will continue to do, every day of our lives.

Christmas is the most obvious display of celebration for what God has done, but how do we celebrate that daily? Psalm 103:2 asks us to, ”not forget all his benefits.” Let’s remember His goodness, on Christmas Day, and everyday.

And to go with that, here’s an exquisite page from Billy Tucci’s recently released A Child is Born comic.


Comics Christmas Cards

Every year there’s some great Christmas cards from comics publishers. Here’s an assortment of 2011’s.

From Sonny Liew, creator of Malinky Robot.

UK publisher Com.x (45, Seeds, Blue Spear)

Archaia (Mouse Guard, Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand – my fave OGN of 2011!)

Here’s a treat from nerdcore band Kirby Krackle. You can grab their new single, focused on a certain crimson nosed reindeer right here.

and here’s a fitting pic that I put on the Extra Sequential Facebook page (become our friend if you aren’t already!) from artist Mike del Mundo. I think it sums up mine and Mladen’s comics leanings quite well.

Finally, here’s Broken Frontier, a wonderful site that I write for and at that very site is where you can find more cards from other publishers and creators.

Merry CHRISTmas!

Comics Christmas Cards

I’m listening to Christmas carols as I write this. They always put me in a good mood. Anyway, here’s a snazzy gallery over at Broken Frontier featuring some new Christmas cards from a few publishers and artists. This one from Dark Horse is my fave.

Geeky Christmas

Thanks to Geek Chic Daily, below is an example of a good decoration idea (recycled motherboard Christmas tree ornaments) and a bad example of the same (grenades).

Merry Christmas

646896-dcuholliday001_superAnd a massively happy New Year! I just want to say a huge thank you to all the people that have been reading my humble little blog over the last six months. I just started it as a way to document my first magical trip to San Diego Comic-Con back in late July, and it morphed into something very fun and fulfilling. Climbing towards 11 000 hits is an excellent way to cap off the year so thank you to everyone who’s peeked in at CBJ to see what’s up in the world of comics and pop culture in general, and to the publishers that have quoted my reviews and linked here. Much appreciated. It’s been great for me to have this since the on-line mag Infuze closed down, of which I was the comics department head. It allows me to get my geek on. 2009 will be an even greater year, hopefully, with something that’s been in the works for about 4 months with a mate from work. You can get a peek here, but we’ll be officially launching soon. Writing for Broken Frontier and Sight has been a great opportunity for me too. I’m truly thankful for this year. I’ve already said that, haven’t I? Well, have a great holiday and hope you come to reflect on the real Reason for the season. (That’d be Jesus, the real superhero!) Yep.

Christmas Cheer

This was just too funny not to share. My mate Shayne grabbed a few faces of us hunks from church and threw them onto dancing elf bodies. Sounds weird, and slightly creepy, but it’s oh so funny, as evidenced by the laughs on Sunday morning. You can do the same thing yourself, right here.

Just in case you’re wondering, I’m the hairless one with the raised eyebrow. Merry Christmas!

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