Bourne’s Xbox Biffo

I thought I’d treat myself (for no discernible reason) and buy the latest official Oz Xbox mag this week. I only ever buy mags with demo discs attached. It’s quicker than downloading off Xbox Live and it’s a good way of seeing if the game may be purchase-worthy. Apart from a gloriously huge Gears of War 2 poster and the latest on the new Prince of Persia and Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe game (please God, let me play a DC game that isn’t a shocker) it also has a nice article on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed which will allow us to play as ol’ Vader himself. With this much destruction, it might be even more fun than the Lego game. Hurling stormtroopers around and using the Force in unexpected ways will bring no end of mischievous pleasure I’m sure.

The disc’s trailers aren’t that inspiring, nor is the Kung Fu Panda game. Army of Two may be worth closer inspection, but the highlight is the Bourne Conspiracy demo, with three frenetic levels. No Matt Damon to be seen here, but the game looks familiar to fans of the cinematic trilogy. All the biffo and chop socky is perty darn cool. You start off using your various appendages in a way I haven’t seen before; a combination of context sensitive button mashing, cut scenes and adrenaline meter filling which allows take downs of your opponent. The next level gives you guns. You are able to crouch, but it’s frustratingly limiting, unlike Gears of War where you can still move around cover while crouched. The final demo level reminded me of Midtown Madness 3 on the old school Xbox. Driving like a lunatic, but having fun while doing so. I might have to get this game, but I can wait till prices drop. I don’t know if I can say that when September brings Force Unleashed though. Perhaps an early Christmas treat to myself?

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