Stalag-X From Gestalt

Australian publisher Gestalt (The Deep: The Vanishing Island) have an exciting story on the way in June. Details below.

Gestalt Comics are pleased to announce a major new science fiction comic series, STALAG-X, a candid tale of human soldiers struggling to survive in an alien concentration camp.

Written by award-winning author Kevin J. Anderson in partnership with TV writer/producer Steven L. Sears, and illustrated by Mike Ratera (X-MenBad Legion), Stalag-X reinterprets the ‘prisoner-of-war’ tale with a compelling antihero bent.

In a devastating interstellar war with an alien race, one prisoner — known only as “Joe Human” — is taken to a harsh P.O.W. camp that is controlled by a sadistic alien the captives refer to as “Mengele.”  Like his namesake, Mengele performs horrific experiments on humans to better understand their nature — ‘Know your enemy’ is the dictum under which he operates, even if it means examining them slice by slice.

Joe quickly appears to be less than honorable, for he has his own reasons to stay incognito and off Earth. While held prisoner at Stalag-X, he uncovers vital intelligence about the enemy — information that could possibly win the war and save billions of lives…  Of course, that would mean getting involved and, perhaps, caring for something.  Or someone.

New York Times bestselling author Anderson  is the author of more than 115 novels, 52 of which have appeared on US or international bestseller lists, including titles set in the legendary DuneStar Wars and X-Files universes, along with his own Saga of the Seven Suns series.

Sears is well-known for his work in both film and television — his writing and producing credits include some of the most iconic television series such as SuperboyThe A-Team,Swamp Thing and Xena: Warrior Princess among many others.

Stalag-X #1, featuring cover art by fan-favorite Dave Dorman, is scheduled for digital release on the 1st June 2013.


Marvel In Motion

Created by Blackmeal, this is 40 seconds of animated greatness paying homage to Marvel.

The Image Revolution Trailer

Last week, Sequart released a trailer for their upcoming doco about Image Comics, which will be a fascinating insight into one of comics’ best and worst periods. It’s already looking better than their last two docos, on writers Grant Morrison, and Warren Ellis.

The Image Revolution will examine one of the most important and daring moves in modern comic book history. Twenty years ago, a group of artists left Marvel Comics to create their own company, a company that continues to influence mainstream comics and culture to this day. Image Comics began as more than just a publisher — it was a response to years of creator mistreatment, and it changed comics forever.

The Image Revolution will tell the amazing story of this from-scratch company, from its founders’ work at Marvel, through Image’s early days, the ups and downs of the ’90s, and the publisher’s new generation of creator-owned properties like The Walking Dead. We will tell this story through new interviews with the people who made it happen. And what better time than during Image’s 20th anniversary to do it?

Rap Sheet, Not Wrap Sheet

Geoff Johns has been writing comics, and TV shows for years now, so maybe this wasn’t his mistake, but in this week’s second issue of DC’s new Justice League of America, Steve Trevor’s dialogue refers to Green Arrow’s fake “wrap sheet.”

That spelling didn’t look right to me, and after some brief investigation, I can confirm that it should actually be, “rap sheet,” when referring to someone’s criminal record. Apparently its stands for Record of Arrest and Prosecution.

As for the series itself, it’s not too bad, and has an interesting line-up with Katana, Vibe and Catwoman, but I kept thinking of the various Avengers launches from Marvel in recent years, with the similar boardroom and press conference scenes, and behind the scenes political shenanigans.

Rap Sheet

All Crime Comics #1 Review

All Crime ComicsComic readers (and creators) are a nostalgic bunch, and the crime comics of decades ago hold a special place in the history of the medium, as the young upstart, for their part in the mid-20th century for bringing sex and violence to the young readers of the time. It also led to U.S Senate enquiries, and eventually the censorship in the industry of the Comics Code, which is now defunct.

Well, indie publisher Art of Fiction obviously look upon that time fondly, judging by their latest release. For some reason, my comic shop only received this debut issue this week, but it looks like other countries got it late last year.

Under that naughty, old school cover by animation legend Bruce Timm (Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League), is a three part story with more wonderful old school flavour.

Written by Art of Fiction (I assume that means quite a few people from the publisher), with Ed Laroche doing the art for chapters 1 and 3, and Marc Sandroni for the flashback second chapter, it’s a quick, but enjoyable read.

The story is typically gangster/noir flavoured, and set in 1989, with crooks tough Marko and confident Dodger out to reclaim some money, which means getting their gang back together for one last job. The middle chapter goes back to 1969 where Dodger became friends with Louie, before a girl and dirty deals got between them, while the finale focuses on Dodger’s plan and how Louie’s current stint in prison plays into that.

It’s a well paced story, with apparently at least one more issue on the way, and with its narrow focus on key characters, and great art style, including the ’80s colouring for the flashback, it’s a unique read.

The Deep Cartoon Trailer Premiere

Cool, arty things happen in Melbourne. Cool things also happen in my hometown of Perth, but I hope we get to see this trailer online soon.


His recent publications sit atop the bestseller lists on Amazon and iBooks among others, and he has written adventures for Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Luke Skywalker and Boba Fett — however, for Melbourne born and bred comic book author,Tom Taylor, nothing excites him more than crafting tales of the Nekton family in his creator-owned graphic novel series, The Deep. 

After receiving the 2012 Aurealis Award for ‘Best Graphic Novel’ for the first volume of The Deep series, Here Be Dragons, Taylor and artist James Brouwer return to the seas for the second volume, The Vanishing Island, published by Gestalt Comics.

The Vanishing Island
 continues the adventures of a multi-ethnic family of daring Aquanauts who live on a submarine — and will receive its official launch on the 23rd March 2013 at Melbourne’s All-Star Comics.

Written by award-winning writer Tom Taylor (DC’s InjusticeStar Wars: AdventuresStar Wars: Blood Ties) and illustrated by the incredible James Brouwer (Justice League Beyond), The Vanishing Island sees the Nektons, a family who have been exploring the seas for generations, investigate an island that was “completely not hit by a tsunami.”

Book Launch Details
The launch of The Vanishing Island will be held at All Star Comics Melbourne, Level 1, 410 Lonsdale St, Melbourne, on Saturday the 23rd March 2013, from 1pm-3pm, and will feature the first public preview of the upcoming TV series based on The Deep graphic novels.

Upcoming Animated TV Series

A new CGI series is in the works based on the The Deep graphic novels, with Paris-based animation studio Technicolor developing and producing 26 half-hour episodes of The Deep targeting viewers 6 years and up.
The Deep: The Vanishing Island and the previous volume in the series, Here Be Dragons, are distributed by Madman Entertainment in Australia & New Zealand, with an RRP of $19.95 aud.


Slave Labor Graphics Sale

Indie publisher SLG are moving, and are having a huge sale to celebrate.

SLG Publishing is moving from it’s long time home in downtown San Jose to a new warehouse in the midtown area. We are having a moving sale this week with 30% off everything in stock in the store (sorry, no back orders). No coupon code is required.

Our new place will feature a bigger gallery store than the old one and we will be carrying a lot more comics and graphic novels from other publishers. Come visit us for the grand opening on May 4th at
44 Race Street
San Jose, CA 95126
Go here to see the goodies on offer.