Marvel NOW! Sampler

This week at your comic shop, get yourself a copy of the new Marvel NOW! (not a reboot) initiative preview.

The sampler contains a few pages of Fantastic Four #1, FF #1, Iron Man #1, All New X-Men #1 (which I’m most intrigued by as it has the original ’60s team meeting their hardened modern selves), Captain America #1 (which I’m the least excited by as it has Cap travel to Dimension Z, whatever that is), Indestructible Hulk #1 (Mark Waid! Leinil Francis Yu! Phil Coulson!), Thor: God of Thunder #1, Deadpool #1, a black and white preview of X-Men: Legacy #1, a wordless preview of Avengers Assemble, and Red She-Hulk #1.

It’s definitely worth grabbing as it’s a good showcase of what’s coming up  from Marvel.

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