Avengers vs X-Men

This ambitious, and sure to be popular, 12 issue series from Marvel starts in April. The title says it all really, but here’s a summary of what to look out for, and below are 2 promo pieces of artwork¬†showing the kind of face offs we can expect.

That’s Iron Man vs Magneto, and Psylocke vs Black Widow, and here’s friends and Fantastic Four members Spider-Man and Iceman, and weather wielders Storm and Thor.

The Lone Ranger Vol. 4 Review

Now up at Broken Frontier is my review of the fourth and final collection of the previous The Lone Ranger series from Dynamite Entertainment. The new series launched last week.

I was pretty impressed with this Trade Paperback by creators Brett Matthews and Sergio Cariello. It was the first time I’ve read any Ranger comics and it was highly entertaining. Catch my review here and a preview here.