Extra Sequential Podcast #69-’50s Sci-fi

58 mins. Don’t suffer from space sickness or hard radiation, but listen to our discussion about manly heroes, jetpacks, rayguns and the lost art of adventuring. From comic strips to comic books we look at some of the genre’s best tough guys and their unique tales. Also, Timothy Dalton and a tree.




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2:15 NEWS

Watch the Neil Gaiman The Simpsons episode (if you’re in the U.S)

Dark Horse going day and date digital on all their titles

Writer Mark Millar ain’t a fan of digital though

Nicolas Cage’s former copy of 1938’s Action Comics #1 sells for a record amount

7:20 THEME – ’50s SCI-FI

Race relations, strange aliens and thoughtful ambassadors in these grand and well constructed tales from the halcyon days of the 1950s.

EC’s Weird Fantasy

Al Feldstein & Joe Orlando’s “Judgment Day”

Wally Wood’s upcoming collection from Vanguard

Buck Rogers

Flash Gordon’s new series from Dynamite Entertainment (and read the first two issues of Ardden’s Flash Gordon series here)

Sky Masters of the Space Force

Jeff Hawke

Dan Dare

Trigan Empire

Rick Random

Tintin: Destination Moon & Explorers on the Moon

Astro Boy

Finally, here’s a clip of Flash Gordon  “fighting” Timothy Dalton in the 1980 film!

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