Seizure Magazine

I just ran across this new mag in a bookstore in Subiaco the other day, and was impressed so upon further investigation, I have discovered that it’s a new publishing venture from Sydney. Each bi-annual issue focuses on a different theme. So far, they’ve produced Food and Sci-Fi (the ish I saw). I’m a softie when it comes to new mags (thanks to my work on the free Extra Sequential mag), especially arty Aussie ones, so am glad to see another.

Check them out here. That is all.

DKR, German Avengers, Mario and Wrath

Time for some more trailers of some of next year’s most anticipated films.

First up is The Dark Knight Rises, which as we know features back breaker Bane and is set 8 years after the last film.

Here’s the German version of The Avengers trailer, with some new footage. The German dubbing makes it seem at times way cooler than English. It’s true.

Yay! Mario! In beads!

Finally, here’s the sequel to Clash of the Titans. It has bigger monsters this time around, which I guess will make it another guilty pleasure. The use of Marilyn Manson on the soundtrack here is just laughable though.