Behind the Flashpoint Covers

Flashpoint is the new Flash-centric DC Comics event which, apart from the main mini-series, has 15 different mini-series showing alternate versions of well known characters. Not much is known about these series yet, but we know Aquaman looks set to rule a flooded earth, Bruce Wayne spends his time running Wayne Casinos, Lois Lane is a resistance fighter and Cyborg plays a pivotal part. We’ll certainly no more when Flashpoint #1 launches on May 11. Go here to download the complete checklist for the event.

In the meantime, DC’s blog The Source have revealed a few behind the scenes looks for 2 Flashpoint series, the Emperor Aquaman #1 cover and  a scene from its pages, and the cover for Reverse Flash #1. Click the links for the process behind these great pages from Ardian Syaf and to see the great job the inkers and colourists do.

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