Green Lantern’s Toes

Could Warner Bros. have undone all the progress they made with those awesome 4 minutes of Green Lantern film footage shown at Wondercon? Quite possibly, and here’s how – 3 full body looks at Ryan Reynolds’ CGI costume. Will people ignore the fact that we can see his individual toes or will the lack of proper footwear be this millenium’s Bat nipples (as seen in Joel Schumacher’s late ’90s Batman films)?

The domino mask still looks wonky but I can understand why the film makers chose the approach of making the GL suit like a ring constructed body glove, rather than thousands of superhero costumes on different alien races, as it puts the film more in the sci-fi category rather than the superhero category, but it’s still not quite right.

On a positive note, Warner Bros. have chosen their new big screen General Zod wisely, as actor Michael Shannon (TV’s Boardwalk Empire) will portray the Kryptonian villain. From the few films I’ve seen him in, he exudes a confidence and creepiness rather well. The film is now officially called Man of Steel and will be released in December 2012.

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