Who Is Jake Ellis? #2 Review

Now at Broken Frontier is my review of this great new spy thriller with a twist series from Nathan Edmondsn and Tonci Zonjic. There’s also a creator commentary with Edmondson at MTV Geek.

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights Trailer

Arriving just before the live action film in June is this animated anthology, featuring a look at 6 different ring bearers. Of course, Hal Jordan is in there, but curiously Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner and John Stewart aren’t, which is strange, considering most people know the former from the JLU cartoon, and he’ll be appearing in the live action film. It still looks good though, and seems to be adopting the same look across all 6 stories.

Reed Promo 2

This second teaser from Image features actors Clint Eastwood, James Stewart and John Wayne amongst a bunch of real life Wild West figures, and one fictional character. We know now that it’s a fun, all-ages series that’ll be announced soon.