Matt and Marilyn

I haven’t watched much Doctor Who at all. Growing up in the ’80s I was familiar with the Tom Baker era but often avoided it as the monsters always freaked me out. Then after a lengthy absence I saw the 1996 Paul McGann telemovie and after another lengthy absence I saw the first few episodes of the current, and widely loved, relaunch, initially starring Christopher Eccleston. I haven’t seen any since, until the current series’ Christmas special starring new Doctor Matt Smith.

I must say, I was impressed. Smith plays the Time Lord with manchild affection, and the story was emotionally mature and jumped right into the action. Essentially, a spaceship is about to crashland, but the man controlling the planet won’t give them safe passage, because he’s a grumpy old man, played by Michael Gambon. With its time travelling premise, and the great concept of using it to change the man’s mind and heart through many past Christmas Eves, it was a great and wild idea.

In one of those aforementioned time travels, the Doctor attended a party at Frank Sinatra’s house and became surprisingly engaged to Marilyn Monroe, not that we see her. It’s a throwaway joke, but obviously fans of the show latched onto it and exercised their power to alter Monroe’s bio on Wikipedia! Classic.

Read the full story here and here’s a look at the temporary alteration.

With all the other historical figures that have appeared, or been mentioned, on the show, I wonder if this has been tried with other celebrities.

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