New Marvel Website

Marvel have always had a good website and have welcomed the digital domain much more than DC. Now they have revamped it and it looks good. Below is the official info.

Welcome to the all-new! And when we say new, we really mean new!

“It’s an utter and complete overhaul, we ripped it to its studs and rebuilt it,” says Seana Baruth, Marvel’s Vice President, Digital Product Management.

In addition to a new look specifically designed to better showcase Marvel’s rich artwork plus color-coded sections letting readers know where they are in the larger context of the site, the real changes have function in mind instead of form. For example, Search has been completely rebuilt to give more accurate results.

“We’ve completely replaced our site search, so if you go to and type in ASTONISHING X-MEN #1, you’re immediately going to get results that are relevant to that query which is a far cry from the old site,” Baruth explains.

The new Comics Browse function allows for customizable searching through Marvel’s vast catalogue of titles with various filters to help find exactly what you’re looking for fast. For example, if you want to find every issue of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN written by Dan Slott in 2010, first browse the title, then filter by creator, get the results and filter once again by year—you’ll have a complete list of the comics you’re looking for!

Other brand new features include a section devoted to playing games on the site, Comic Events pages chronicling crossovers like Chaos War and Shadowland all in one place and the ability for readers to comment on more than just news stories.

So as you surf around the site, be sure to visit some of your old favorites, but don’t forget to try out the new stuff, too!

Here’s a list of things to do on the new to help you get started:

Check out awesome art and pictures
Read a FREE Digital Comic then Subscribe to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited
Create Your Own Comic
Create Your Own Super Hero
Join Your Universe, The Marvel Fan Community
Contribute to the Marvel Universe Wiki
Play a game right now
Build a checklist of your Marvel Comics collection in “My Collection” (be sure to register for first!)

Thanks for making yours!

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