New York Toy Fair’s Best

Yes I know action figures have an even geekier rep than comic books, but you gotta admire the craftsmanship in the wealth of pop culture figures, sculptures and busts produced these days. The New York Toy Fair has been running this week, with some great looking figures being unveiled. Here’s a few of my faves. Of course, Star Wars has a huge collection, including a massive 24 inch AT-AT.

Also of interest are the bevy of products from Marvel including Iron Man 2 figures. Who could resist an Iron Man version of Mr Potato Head, entitled Tony Starch? Also available are new Marvel Universe additions, and a few cute playthings for the kids as part of their Super Hero Squad line, which surprisingly includes an armed Captain America. Never too young to learn about the dangers of firearms (and motorcycles) I guess.

DC Comics put their best poseable foot forward too, with the fanboy mash-up of DC Universe and Masters of the Universe, even more Justice League Unlimited figures (4 years after the toon ended) and some awesome figures that look just like Gary Frank’s artwork from the New Krypton mini-series, with Superman’s Earth replacement Mon-El, Supes in his Kryptonian duds, the new Superwoman and Braniac looking his baddest yet. These figures won’t be available until October.

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