DC Universe: Last Sons

Now this seems like a good team-up – three sole survivors of their respective alien races banding together for a grand adventure. Last Sons is based on a 336 page novel of the same name released in 2006, and written by comics scribe Alan Grant (2000AD, Detective Comics). The so-called Graphic Audio  is out on March 1 and can be pre-ordered from Amazon now. Here’s the official description:

Metahumans, aliens, magical entities, or mortals driven by iron wills. Super heroes, renegades, or villains out for justice, vengeance, or cash. Whether legendary, infamous, or little known, these extraordinary beings are the true champions of the…DC UNIVERSE.

SUPERMAN. MARTIAN MANHUNTER. LOBO. Interplanetary bounty hunter Lobo is a notorious maverick. Happily wreaking havoc as he brings in his prey, he cares little who his clients or targets are even when his latest quarry is J onn J onnzz, Martian Manhunter of the Justice League. Suddenly Lobo finds himself confronting…Superman. Cogs in the machinations of a powerful artificial life-form, these three aliens, the sole survivors of the planets Krypton, Mars, and Czarnia, have only one thing in common they are the last of their kind…LAST SONS

I’ve bought a few of these audio dramas recently, just to satisfy my fanboy need for entertainment. I’m currently listening to BBC’s Batman: The Complete Knightfall Saga, and recently finished Superman Lives! They’re both entertaining in their own way, though most hardcore fans will find them rather cheesy (especially Lex’s Aussie accent, and Superboy who sounds like a stoner Keanu Reeves, in SL!). However, fitting these epics into less than 3 hours is impressive and the soundtrack and voice cast usually works well.

Last Sons is an impressive 7 hours long. You can find more DC GraphicAudio CDs here.

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  1. Just finished Superman Lives!, and loved it. I’m buying the Batman one next.

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