The Eagle Has Landed

After 4 airports and over 20 hours in the air I have hit San Diego and my new hotel. Free internet and cable, and it’s right across from the gym, not that I’ll be using it. Through passing via the time/space continuum I have now arrived earlier than when I left. 

The flight from Sydney to L.A didn’t seem like 14 hours, thanks to the in-flight entertainment and surprisingly lengthy periods of napping. For amusement I chose Paul Blart: Mall Cop and multiple episodes of Thank God You’re Here and 30 Rock from the small screen before me. Sweet. I also sat next two very welcoming fellow Aussies; both veterans of the TV industry who are premiering their film, Resistance at Comic-Con. It sounds awesome, and their years of travelling world-wide also aided me in my glances of confusion at the crowded chaos of LAX. A pretty good start to the Con. Now I must sleep, before it officially starts tomorrow.

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  1. hi there
    glad you got there OK – those people were lucky to have you next to them- you’re very friendly too. sleep well & keep us all upto date with your shenanigans & news

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