The Remnant #4 Review

The Remnant #4This series surprised a few people with it’s high quality upon its debut 4 months ago, especially seeing as it had actor Stephen Baldwin’s name attached to it. I’m glad I gave this a go though and I recommend picking up the eventual Trade when it arrives, particularly if fast paced thrillers with something a little extra are your thing.

As I’ve said before, The Remnant has been created as a Trade read, with its hectic story that doesn’t let up. There’s no chance to stop and catch your breath. You just have to run to keep up.

This final issue begins seconds from last month’s final page, with the mysterious woman with David’s wife, Sara in her sights laying bleeding in the street. Homeland Security wants answers from David and Sara but must fight to keep them both alive, as well as fighting against them at times.

This isn’t the high point for the series. It needed an extra issue or two to tie up loose ends, and with the rather ambivalent ending quite possibly involving the Rapture, it just may get it. I’d expect a Volume 2 to eventually be released. The supernatural elements that have been hinted at throughout this title come to the fore here, but rather awkwardly so. With characters espousing fate, prophecy and chaos it all seems like a flood, rather than a subtle wave. The Remnant has gone from Bourne to something else entirely in just one issue. It’s not enough to make me dislike this series, as it’s hooked me from the beginning. Caleb Monroe has an impressive handle on pace and artist Julian Totino Tedesco’s fluid figures and superb layouts, with great use of space get me every time. However, I was expecting more with the conclusion. If there is more to come, I’ll be happy. If not, this is a disappointing end to an otherwise uniquely engaging series.

The Remnant #4pg6

The Remnant #4pg7

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