Fabian Nicieza Interview

I interviewed Mr. Nicieza at Broken Frontier, which was great. I’ve followed his career since his  X-Men days in the mid 1990s and until his more recent titles at DC, finishing off Nightwing and Robin just before the new Batman changes everything. Nicieza has a new Azrael mini-series launching next week, focusing on a new man under the hood. Here’s a tease…

F: What similarities will this series have with the Jean-Paul Valley incarnation, and how will it differ?

FN: Similarities include: clandestine organizations looking to use an experienced soldier as their “weapon of God.” A main character who is conflicted by the lives he can save and the sins he must commit while doing so. A cool flaming sword. Differences include: a very different lead character in terms of personality, family and history. A tone that is less world-spanning and an Order of Purity that is less messianic and inscrutable and a little more “normal people thrown into an abnormal responsibility.”

Read the full interview here.

Azrael: Death's Dark Knight #1

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