Witchblade #121 Review

I’m a recent convert to this title, after the awesome Vol. 5 TPB and the even more awesome talents of artist Stjepan Sejic. Writer Ron Marz continues to build upon the mystical gauntlet’s mythos and shows once again that his deft hand is capable of fitting in to any genre.

Dancer Dani Baptiste (absent in this ish) is now, thanks to the recent events of the First Born arc, the wielder of half of the Witchblade, while long-time cop Sara Pezzini wields its twin. However, that doesn’t mean Sara has half of the trouble to deal with. Although in this issue, the first of the three part Crown Heights story arc, the only time Sara breaks out the blade is not in the midst of a frantic battle, but in the shower with her lover, fellow cop, Patrick Gleason.

The pair travel to Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish community, specifically the Chabad-Lubavitch sect to investigate a rabbi’s gruesome murder, while tip-toeing around sensitive race issues at the same time. Meanwhile journalist Gretch tries to convince her editor of the existence of the Witchblade to run it on the front page, and hounds Sara until she gets some answers, which it looks like she just may get in following issues.

Although there is no fighting or hectic action to speak of, Marz still captivates with his swift pace and well crafted intrigue. Once again, the art is gorgeous. Sejic’s beautifully rendered figures add much realism. He also adds nice touches like soft focus backgrounds, reflections on windshields, and sunlight pouring into downtown streets. All this gives the book the grandeur of a Michael Bay film in comic book format. Top Cow are blessed to have an artist of Sejic’s talent on their roster.

The cover sums this issue up perfectly – Sara in full Witchblade get-up surrounded by staid priests. It’s like Witness, if Harrison Ford was a beautiful woman operating a powerful supernatural weapon. Future issues will certainly ramp up the action, as secrets are uncovered and the tight Jewish community reveals its true colours. For now, this first issue is a classy set-up.


  1. Looks like somebody has been tracing Denise Richards…

  2. what the hell????please oh please show me where and ill kiss your ass, there was not even referencing by looking you dumbass…. and id know that… cause i drew the damn thing. but hey if you have doubts, come to new york comic con and tell the top cow crew at the booth, hey get me stjepan i wanna see if hes doing this stuff or cheating his way thru it, ill be at the booth , and then ill make you eat your own words, as i take personal offense, cause…. .
    ah shucks just go to nebezial@deviantart.com and ull understand, and if u got a shread of decency will apologise

    cbj, thans for the lovely review 🙂

  3. hm… allthough….now that i think about it….. mladen, …. thank you, in a weird way im feeling really good about my art right about now 🙂

  4. Chill matey, I just mean that the brunette girl looks a lot like Denise Richards.
    I don’t actually mean you’re tracing. You’re not Greg Land. 😉

  5. out of curiosity, your name, croatian? serbian?

  6. hahaha, on the first reply you totaly understood what pisses me off about the mere mentioning of tracing, cause i ve been noticing the rise in tracing practice led of course by his majesty he who i shall not name cause i work in the same industy, but … the name is stated in ur reply ;P

    and its croatian, sorry i snapped , but in my caieer as a digital artist i saw alot of people tracing or even worse posting minimaly touched photos as painted work, antd nthey got all the recognition while people who actually put an effort into creating theior stuff went unnoticed, so tracers .. piss me off royally

  7. Small world, I’m Croatian too. Do you see a lot of Croatian artists working in the industry? Off the top of my head I can think of Danijel Zezelj, but I swear there are more….

    No problemo about snapping, i can totally understand why you’d be annoyed at that. Sorry about the confusion, didn’t mean to offend.

  8. sure , there is esad ribić. kordej, there are more, but im pretty new to the industry as far as names are concerned , so i dont know everyone, but hopefully there will be new generations too

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