Broken Frontier

Perhaps you’ve noticed that my posts have slowed down somewhat over the last fortnight. No, it’s not because I’m being distracted by playing The Force Unleashed. It’s because I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to write for Broken Frontier, one of the largest and most respected comics sites on the ol’ web. It’s not a “proper” job or anything, but it is a great lesson in discipline and exposure for me as a wannabe writer (like most comics fans are.) Over the last two weeks, my reviews for Vertigo’s Greatest Hits #1, The Punisher #62, Big Hero 6 #1, Deadpool #1 and Gypsy Joe Jefferson have all gone up. Plus I have a cool interview or two and an article on the way. It’s a fair amount of work, but an interesting challenge and heaps of fun. I’ll still be posting reviews and news here as always, just not as often, and of course, I’ll be linking to my latest BF stuff here too. Feel free to check out my reviews and drop by the forums to say if you agree or disagree if you like. Whew, there’s a lot of links in this post isn’t there?