Revere Trailer

The comic biz is a hard one to break into. Most small publishers know that to compete directly with the Big Two (Marvel and DC) is foolishness, but their superhero stranglehold is fandom’s gain, as we get diverse publishers like ASP. Though they are (openly) in the midst of a restructure at the moment, some of their best books continue, including The Engineer and Mouse Guard. I can’t wait for the next ish of Miranda Mercury to arrive though. Revere: Revolution in Silver is an interesting concept involving the American Revolution and a bunch of scary looking werewolves. You can see what I mean by checking out the trailer, and it comes with a great tagline: Yes, the British are coming. But the werewolves are worse.

Nice one.

REVERE: REVOLUTION IN SILVER is a 128 page hardcover collecting the four-issue series originally published by Alias, with an expanded ending and epilogue.

Tori Amos’ Comic Book Tattoo

Kiss have done it (a few times). So has Alice Cooper, even New Kids on the Block. Now it’s Tori Amos’ turn. That’s right – musos and comics. What a combo! Almost as good as my favourite mix-up, chocolate and coffee. Mmm…mocha. Comic Book Tattoo is a massive 480 page anthology book, releasing on the 23rd of July. An impressive roster of 80 creators including David Mack, Colleen Doran, Pia Guerra and Jock expand upon Tori’s stable of songs in their own style. Long-time fan and Sandman creator Neil Gaiman scribes the introduction. Official details here, and more perty pics here.