Almost Home

I’m in the sprawling Narita Airport again in Tokyo for the last of my 10 hour journey home to Oz. I can’t wait to have free, and freely available, internet access again, without any formatting issues. Expect lots of pics and videos from the awesome Comic-Con in the next week. For now, here’s a link for a video interview with Comic Book Tattoo inspiration and legendary muso, Tori Amos. She seems to be a popular gal, so enjoy – ¬†and regular programming will resume shortly.

Tony’s New Covers & Tori’s New Blog

Tony Stark’s new series, Invincible Iron Man #3, from writer Matt Fraction and artist Salvador Larocca has sold out. So Marvel have provided three new covers for the second printing of that issue, which is on sale now.

All three new covers are supplied by regular artist Larocca and represent a different stage in Tony Stark’s life.

Shellhead has had more costume changes than a fashion show. Here’s a look at three classics.

Tori Amos’ Comic Book Tattoo, a massive 480 page anthology book is getting a lot of buzz these days.

The tome from Image Comics is a collection of well-known and indie writers and artists who are using some of Tori’s songs as jumping off points for their own unique tales.

It’s an interesting cross-over between the two worlds of music and comics. There is a nice piece on the beginnings of the project and an interview with Tori herself and spearhead of the project, editor Rantz Hoseley in the latest issue of CSN (a pamphlet/mag which should be available for free at your local comic shop). A new blog has also been launched detailing the creative process and excerpts from scripts and artwork. For those interested in the project or just the working of a comic creator’s mind, this may be an invaluable resource.

Tori Amos’ Comic Book Tattoo

Kiss have done it (a few times). So has Alice Cooper, even New Kids on the Block. Now it’s Tori Amos’ turn. That’s right – musos and comics. What a combo! Almost as good as my favourite mix-up, chocolate and coffee. Mmm…mocha. Comic Book Tattoo is a massive 480 page anthology book, releasing on the 23rd of July. An impressive roster of 80 creators including David Mack, Colleen Doran, Pia Guerra and Jock expand upon Tori’s stable of songs in their own style. Long-time fan and Sandman creator Neil Gaiman scribes the introduction. Official details here, and more perty pics here.

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