Uncanny X-Men #500

500 is a number worth celebrating, especially in the comics world. Marvel have given us two sketch variants for this milestone, rather than risking a fire by trying to light 500 candles. One is from one of the best lady-pencillers in the biz, Terry Dodson. (Drool at his work here)

… and one is from prolific cover artist Michael Turner. (More drooling to be had here.)

And if that wasn’t enough Alex Ross and Greg Land also offer up wraparound covers. Now for the rest of the info: Featuring the debut of the series’ new writing team, Eisner-winner Ed Brubaker and Eisner-nominee Matt Fraction, and the series’ superstar art team, Greg Land and Dodson, this is the issue that no X-Fan can afford to miss as X-Men: Manifest Destiny begins! This extra-sized anniversary issue kicks off with a longer lead story as the X-Men adjust to their new home in San Francisco , but soon find a familiar face threatening their new beginning! How do the Sentinels, Magneto and Master Mold tie into all this? Find out in Uncanny X-Men #500!

The X-books often bring out the best in creators (as you can see above) and this historic issue may just be the place to get familiar with some ol’ mutant mates.