Tropic Thunder Promo

This looks like it could be a funny film. Ben Stiller stars as action man Tug Speedman, Jack Black is the funny guy Jeff “Fats” Portnoy and an unrecognisable Robert Downey Jr portrays the award winning Aussie, Kirk Lazarus. From the names alone its obvious this film will be mocking blockbuster conventions.

The somewhat unique set-up is this; the three actors are making a Vietnam war film when their director (Steve Coogan) gets fed up with their antics and drops them off in a real war zone, without telling them.The “viral video” was shown at this year’s MTV Movie Awards. It goes for childish humour, but it works. Jack Black is always funny (apart from Nacho Libre) and Downey Jr continues to surprise us. It seems that there’s no genre he can’t be seen in. Stiller directs and co-writes the film and it’s due for release on August 15. There is also an R-rated “redband” trailer which looks quite bloody. Hopefully what we’ve seen thus far is just a promise of more laughs to come.

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