Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D #35 Preview

It’s a shame that Terrence Howard won’t be back in Iron Man 2 as Tony Stark’s buddy, pilotĀ  Jim Rhodes, despite his apparent desire to be.You can still get your War Machine fix though in the comics, particularly the upcoming Iron Man #35. The issue goes on sale November 19 and features War Machine AKA Rhodes, deep in enemy territory in this Secret Invasion tie-in. It’s written by Christos. N. Gage (Civil War: House of M) with art by Sean Chen (X-Men: The End) and a cover by the always awesome Adi Granov. Writer Greg Pak and artist Leonardo Manco are also launching a War Machine series, spinning out of the current Iron Man arc, and you can get an exclusive look at the first issue here at Marvel’s Digital Comics Unlimited service. Rhodey’s solo series kicks off on December 17.

War Machine Pics

With Iron Man occupied in theĀ  Savage Land , the Skrulls may think they’ve eliminated their armored opposition, but War Machine (ie, Tony Star’ks mate, James Rhodes) is out to prove them wrong in this must-read Secret Invasion tie-in! Iron Man: Director S.H.I.E.L.D #33, from acclaimed Thunderbolts writer Christos Gage and fan favorite artist Sean Chen (Nova), kicks off “War Machine: Weapon on S.H.I.E.L.D,” which redefines War Machine’s place in the Marvel Universe as a result of Secret Invasion…and setting the stage of his upcoming ongoing series! A major new chapter in Tony and Rhodey’s history begins right here!

The ish goes on sale September 17. A preview art of the first four interior pages below, and the cover by Adi Granov, courtesy of the fine folks at Marvel.

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