All Crime Comics #1 Review

All Crime ComicsComic readers (and creators) are a nostalgic bunch, and the crime comics of decades ago hold a special place in the history of the medium, as the young upstart, for their part in the mid-20th century for bringing sex and violence to the young readers of the time. It also led to U.S Senate enquiries, and eventually the censorship in the industry of the Comics Code, which is now defunct.

Well, indie publisher Art of Fiction obviously look upon that time fondly, judging by their latest release. For some reason, my comic shop only received this debut issue this week, but it looks like other countries got it late last year.

Under that naughty, old school cover by animation legend Bruce Timm (Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League), is a three part story with more wonderful old school flavour.

Written by Art of Fiction (I assume that means quite a few people from the publisher), with Ed Laroche doing the art for chapters 1 and 3, and Marc Sandroni for the flashback second chapter, it’s a quick, but enjoyable read.

The story is typically gangster/noir flavoured, and set in 1989, with crooks tough Marko and confident Dodger out to reclaim some money, which means getting their gang back together for one last job. The middle chapter goes back to 1969 where Dodger became friends with Louie, before a girl and dirty deals got between them, while the finale focuses on Dodger’s plan and how Louie’s current stint in prison plays into that.

It’s a well paced story, with apparently at least one more issue on the way, and with its narrow focus on key characters, and great art style, including the ’80s colouring for the flashback, it’s a unique read.

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