New Tron Legacy Trailer

Unveiled at Comic Con is the brand new trailer for Tron Legacy, the sequel to the 1982 classic. The film stars original actors Jeff Bridges (in both current and de-aged forms) and Bruce Boxleitner and opens December 16. The more I see from this film, the more excited I get.

Tron Legacy Trailer

Thanks to my mate Mladen who gave me the heads up on this, and here’s me lazily linking to his post on his own love affair with the film. It’s a great looking trailer for the sequel to the 1982 film, which opens in December and will now star an Oscar winner thanks to original star Jeff Bridges.

I love the pared back simplicity of it all, which mirrors the original’s look. Too many sci-fi films these days are bombastic and colourful. This is a bold move, but so far, anticipation is high.

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