Marvel Boss Joe Q Talks To You

A new feature of the awesome MySpace Comic Books page is the video blog from Marvel EIC, Joe Quesada, in which he answers fans questions. There are also a few preview pages from Leinil Francis Yu’s great artwork from August 13’s Secret Invasion #5, the current series rocking the Marvel Universe that has everyone wondering who can be trusted.

On an unrelated note, the new Batman: Gotham Knight DVD which has had a mixed reception has at least one thing in its favour; this great looking cover which graces the Japanese 2 disc version. It’s certainly a lot more enticing than the generic cover the rest of the world was offered.

And for your general gawking pleasure, below that are some pages from Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane,(Vol. 2) the all-ages title from writer Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise) and artist Craig Rousseau (The Perhapanauts). Also included is the alternate cover by Adrian Alphono. The first issue of the 5 ish mini is out on August 6.

Aww…so cute! This will be a great series for kids who like Spidey, but it is aimed at teenagers who like humour and romance more than superheroes duking it out with each other while spouting zany pop culture references.

As you can see by these pics, this series brings the regulars back to their school days, with all the lost loves and confusion that comes with it.

Volume 1 of this series will be available in collected form from August 30 and is written by Sean McKeever with art by Takeshi Miyazawa.

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