2008’s Best Comics

Secret Invasion #8Well, maybe not the best, but the best sellers. Diamond Distributors, who pretty much have  a monopoly on English language comics worldwide, has released their list of last year’s best selling comics, and related items. It should come as no surprise that Marvel was the year’s leader in market share, with DC close behind. And the highest selling single issue of last year? Marvel’s Secret Invasion #8, the conclusion to their status quo changing cross-over event.

DC did very well with TPB and OGN sales though, with Watchmen, Batman: The Killing Joke Special Edition, Joker and Y: The Last Man topping the list. To see the full list, click on the link above.

Perty Pics

The first two covers are from comics available this week, namely Secret Invasion #8 (the mini-series’ conclusion) and the Punisher MAX X-Mas Special. The covers are by Gabrielle Dell’otto and Chris Bachalo respectively. Then there’s the Santa-themed Hulk #9 covers – both of them. Pencils are by Ed McGuiness, and the issue goes on sale Christmas Eve. I guess that’s a Hulk-sized Ho Ho Ho . Oh dear.