Jim Lee Doesn’t Wear Socks

He also draws a mean Batman, as we all know. Below is a video posted by the artist and DC Co-Publisher himself sketching with his fingers on his iPad.

The man himself says:

This is a very sped up clip of me messing around on my iPad. Original video was 20 mins in length; it usually takes me about 60-80 mins to get one of these pieces done using @sketchbookpro. I prefer using my finger to a stylus of any sort–makes it more fun. I honestly have to say this piece was not going in the direction I wanted so I stopped and got back to real work : ) but you get a general sense of how I layer on colors and work positive and negative shapes back and forth to get edges…like in painting.

Win an iPad From DC Comics

If you’re a U.S resident, you have until Jan 31 to enter the sweepstakes for an iPad, customised with an original Batman sketch from Jim Lee. Go here to enter.

Jim Lee’s iPad Sketches

Digital finger painting! Here’s a few pics artist and new DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee did with the Sketchbook application on his new Apple iPad. Nothing more to say really.

Lee Covers Liberty Comics #2

The recent first issue of Liberty Comics was a great anthology and raised funds for a worthy cause – the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Next month’s second issue has more great contributors and a variant cover by Jim Lee. Press release, and said cover, below, and if you want to see a few more perty pics by Lee, from his story with Neil Gaiman, check out CBR’s look at Lee’s artistic process.

Image Comics Founder Jim Lee provides gorgeous rendition for the CBLDF anthology’s limited edition cover!

Jim Lee 100 Words PageJIM LEE, the fan favorite artist of Batman, X-Men & WildC.A.T.s, provides the Image Comics published Comic Book Legal Defense Fund benefit anthology, LIBERTY COMICS #2 with an all-new, limited edition 1-in-25 variant cover based off his collaboration with Sandman writer NEIL GAIMAN.

“Jim has long been a true Defender of Liberty with his ongoing support of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and his cover goes above and beyond the call of duty,” CBLDF Executive Director Charles Brownstein said. “We’re very thankful for his generosity.”

LEE and his story with NEIL GAIMAN, ‘100 Words’, lead off an all-star ensemble of industry greats in the all-new second volume of LIBERTY COMICS. Passionate comic book storytelling, all in service to an important cause, the incredible contributions list includes a Painkiller Jane story by JIMMY PALMIOTTI and JIM RUGG; a new Mr. Gum adventure from MIKE ALLRED, DAVE JOHNSON and JAMIE S. RICH; The Apocalypstix by RAY FAWKES and CAMERON STEWART, a return to Channel Zero by BRIAN WOOD; a preview of Choker by BEN MCCOOL and BEN TEMPLESMITH; and a special Martha Washington piece by DAVE GIBBONS, alongside exclusive material by PAUL POPE; KATHRYN & STUART IMMONEN; CHYNNA CLUGSTON; PAUL GRIST; and JASON AARON & MORITAT. LIBERTY COMICS already features two covers, one by Batman: The Long Halloween’s TIM SALE and a new Kick Ass image by creator JOHN ROMITA JR.

LIBERTY COMICS #2 (AUG090303), a 48-page full color comic book for $4.99, will be in stores October, 14 2009.

Jim Lee Liberty Comics #2 Variant Cover

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