Studio 407 Previews

golemAlways a sucker for new comic publishers, I ran across this company today. I’ve seen them in Previews and had a quick look at their site and blog today. They seem to be passionate about offering diversity in the market and, as is all the rage these days, have Hollywood interested in their books. A few preview pages for two new series premiering in January are available at their site right now.

Shadow Chronicles is the company’s first horror anthology. The three stories involve a hungry vampire in 18th century Europe and a modern cinema during a Draculathon, a space jaunt on a desolate planet, and a town beset by both a horde of demons and the paramilitary squad hunting them.

Also coming next month is Golem, a revenge tale centering on a professor from Sarajevo and his Hulk-like friend (perhaps). A preview is also available for this one-shot at Studio 407’s rather nifty site.

The publisher aims to blend East and West into intriguing comic concepts, but seem to be more adventure focused than Virgin, who have/had similar ambitions. This company might be one to keep your eyes on.

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