Joao Ruas

Similar to James Jean’s style, and his ability to create some great Fables covers for DC/Vertigo is Brazilian artist Joao Ruas, who’s given the spotlight at Abduzeedo.

Check out their gallery of a few of his ethereal works right here.


Vertigo and Wildstorm Blogs

It’s awesome that DC Comics finally have a blog, called The Source. It’s not exactly a barrage of news but it makes up for it with almost daily previews of projects days, weeks or months away. Now, two of DC’s imprints also have their own dedicated blogs. The Bleed belongs to Wildstorm and it kicked off with the news that Planetary #27 would be the series’ last, produced by its creators Warren Ellis and John Cassady.

Vertigo’s blog, Graphic Content launches with an excerpt from October’s Fables novel. Peter and Max is written by the writer of the series, Bill Willingham with art by Steve Leiahola. Also on Graphic Content are  a few pages from DMZ #42, which is now on sale. This begins a new 3 part story entitled No Future, and is brought to us by writer Brian Wood and artist Ryan Kelly. Pics below.




James Jean Art Book Preview

PR3 CoverFrom AdHouse books (purveyors of fine looking arty books) comes another impressive product. Arriving in July is The Hallowed Seam PR Vol. 3. If you’ve seen James Jean’s delicious Fables covers for DC/Vertigo or his other PR (Process Recess) books, then you’ll drool over this. 284 pages of sketches, experimental paintings and more. I’m a sucker for these kind of journal/sketchpad/creative process books.

See a few pages below and you may understand why. Perhaps it’s my fascination with the creative process or my fond memories of art school. Either way, I like the look of it. There’s also a limited edition (of 200) available, with more details to come.














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