David Mack’s Swamp Thing Cover

Mladen and I discussed the first issue of Brightest Day Aftermath: The Search for Swamp Thing in a recent Extra Sequential podcast episode in which we focused on Swamp Thing. I saw the second ish at the comic shop today and didn’t grab it, as the first issue really wasn’t that great and my investment in Swamp Thing as a character isn’t monumental. I am curious to see what DC actually do with him (and John Constantine) now that they’re both outside of Vertigo’s world and in the DC Universe proper though.

Anyway, here’s David Mack’s variant cover for August’s Brightest Day Aftermath #3. Another winner from Mack.


David Mack Interview Preview

The fine folks at davidmackguide.com have a preview of our 8 page David Mack interview from next month’s Arcana #1 magazine. Go here and click on the pics to see them nice and large.

David Mack Speaks

Awesome artist David Mack was kind enough to send me these two links relating to his work. Last Saturday he gave a talk at the Salt Lake Library. There’s some beautifully massive pics and two great videos right here.

There’s also an insightful interview with the man himself here. Mack is always generous with his interviews and are definitely worth reading and I don’t just say that because we have an interview with him in next month’s Arcana magazine! Yay!

Kabuki Collected


kabuki_thealchemy_hcCreator David Mack is an innovative guy. His work looks like nothing else on the stands. He owns the page in his work like Daredevil and his own creation, Kabuki. Now you can grab Kabuki: The Alchemy which collects some of his best work. Official press release below, and check out more Mack art here.

Eisner-nominated superstar writer/artist David Mack presents a groundbreaking collection of his acclaimed work in Kabuki: The Alchemy HC.  Collecting all nine issues of the critically-lauded, Eisner Award-nominated KABUKI: THE ALCHEMY series from Marvel’s creator-owned Icon imprint – for the first time ever!—this is an unprecedented look at Mack’s work! This hardcover is chock full of bonus material including original scripts, a “best of fan letters” section, never before seen art and new story pages, including updated versions of previously published scenes! If that’s not enough, acclaimed Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk provides a powerful introduction to one of comics’ most acclaimed series and a special afterword from Mack himself!

“I think The Alchemy represents the best and most evolved example of my work in comics as a writer and as an artist,” says David Mack.

Plus, don’t miss the Kabuki: The Alchemy Limited Edition HC, packaged with a signed and numbered original brush & ink sketch on parchment paper! Both Kabuki: The Alchemy HC and The Kabuki: Alchemy Limited Edition HC feature an embossed cover and spine; watermark design on the interior pages; and a special bookmark!

Friday at the Con

Another 7 hours that sped by. I managed to do a lot more shopping today though. By dinner time, my backpack was about to collapse under the sheer weight of..wait for it..16 TPBs, a bunch of free mags and comics, some shirts for the family, and two DVDs. I had to go home to minimise my chiropractor bill.

I’ve decided that tomorrow will be my filming day. I’ve taken a bunch of photos already, but the hotel’s slow PC charges by the minute and takes about that long to upload each pic. When I return home on August 3, watch this space for an influx of happy pics and videos.

I would’ve liked to have seen film-maker Kevin Smith and the new Batman: Brave and the Bold cartoon panels, but I’m not one for lining up with the masses. The convention floor was slightly less packed this afternoon, as all the various screenings and Q&A sessions were under way. I could move around a lot easier and spend more time talking to retailers, without worrying about people waiting behind me. I saw Mark Waid, one of my favourite writers at BOOM! Studios booth, and Dan DiDio, head of DC Comics, and managed to sneak in a photo with him before he left in a hurry. Nothing personal, I’m sure.

I also chatted to creators Rod Espinosa (The Prince of Heroes) and David Hutchinson (Biowulf) at the Antarctic Press booth about their careers. Then I saw David Mack. What a nice guy. I told him that his work on Daredevil and Kabuki was a hit with some of my mates from work and showed them the beauty that comics could reveal. Mack’s art really is amazing and his work as writer/artist on Kabuki is an experimental joy. He was genuinely happy to hear that his work had opened the eyes of a few comic novices and was very warm and friendly. I picked up his Kabuki Vol. 1 TPB and a DVD focusing on his craft, which I can’t wait to see. The process of an artist is always interesting one. He also threw me a handful of free, signed Kabuki books. I told you he was a nice guy. Oh and I took a photo with him too, just to make my mates jealous.


Handing out a bunch of my cards to a few companies in the small press section was a joy. They all seem happy enough to add mine to their growing collection. One of the main things that has surprised me is how many people are aware of Perth. I thought my sleepy little town would go unnoticed in this with-it metropolis. Good to see us little people aren’t forgotten.

The last stop of the day was a visit to the freebies table. Well, I thought it was the last stop, until I saw a flyer for the CCAS. That’s the Christian Comic Arts Society. I was struggling to contain all my goodies with the only two hands God has given me, but I knew I had to visit this booth. I spoke with the two friendly guys there for a while as we discussed the thriving Christian comic creators community, my work for INFUZE and a bunch of other stuff. With their, “Free Prayer” sign they stand out from the crowd, that’s for sure. Over the last two days of the Con, they have three panels, which I will do my best to attend. I should be in my element there and make some interesting contacts. All in all; an eventful day. My budget has pretty much evaporated, but then again, I’m surprised it’s lasted this long.

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