Dark Reign Trailer

Now that Marvel’s most recent epic, Secret Invasion is over, the next phase begins. All that we know so far is that the Avengers will be re-made yet again. Those guys have more roster changes than the Guns N Roses line-up. Anyway, to begin putting the pieces together early, here’s a look at two covers for Secret Invasion: Dark Reign, focusing on Norman Osborn’s (Green Goblin) new power play. This one-shot is out on Christmas Eve and is written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Alex Maleev. Dark Reign: New Nation is another one-shot by Bendis again and others – including Jonathan Hickman in his first foray into superheroics, with art by various pencillers including Stefano Caselli and Leonardo Manco. The New Nation one-shot will focus on the new Secret Warriors, Agents of Atlas, War Machine and more and will go on sale December 17. It’s basically a showcase for a slew of new series starring these characters.You can also grab a free Dark Reign edition of Marvel Previews at your LCS and Marvel has also put together a neato trailer for Dark Reign.




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