Christmas Comics Rundown

Yes, we talked about our favourite Christmas related comics in our most recent Extra Sequential podcast. Now, here’s a few more Christmas comics news items of note from the last few days.

Jim McCann, writer of the excellent Archaia OGN Return of the Dapper Men and Hawkeye: Blindspot is writing A Zombie Christmas Carol, set to be released next year. All that’s released so far is this great image.

Here’s a great Christmas post of CBR’s The Line It Is Drawn series in which fans mash up comic book characters around a theme. See the X-Babies and the Batman, Inc. office Christmas party here.

Four funky holiday art pieces at Top Shelf’s blog.

Comics Alliance has an amusingly inaccurate nativity re-enactment starring some confused kids, Spider-Man and Frankenstein, as well as the whole first issue of Image’s upcoming Santa Claus vs The Martians for free, and a hilarious look at a classic Christmas episode of Walker, Texas Ranger starring some evil Santas.

Finally, courtesy of DC’s blog, here’s a great page from artist Mike Ploog, from the back-up tale in The Spirit #9.

Thanks to everyone who read my little blog over the last year (and more), to those who listened to my new Extra Sequential podcast and read my reviews and interviews at Broken Frontier. Have a great Christmas and New Year!


Extra Sequential Episode Twenty One

35 mins. No news, and no what we’ve been reading. It’s our most streamlined, aerodynamic episode yet, and it’s all about Christmas themed comics. Also, singing cats, Angelina Jolie’s tattoos, Under Siege and a dodgy Christopher Walken impersonation.


Fables #56 in which Santa Claus is a natural fit, and he explains just how he visits kids the world over all in one night!

1980’s DC Super Star Holiday Special. Large format, 5 stories.

Vertigo’s 3 issue Winter’s Edge mini-series. Now re-printed!

JLA #60 which shows Plastic Man recounting a tale in which Santa Claus joins the Justice League.

The classic Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special. Poor, poor Santa. And yes, there was a two issue Lobo/The Mask cross-over a decade ago.

The Tick Big Yule Log Special from 1997. Spoooon!

Batman Returns. Yes, it’s a festive superhero film, with lots of snow, nose biting and awkward speeches.

Dear Dracula. It’s a kids’ book showing young Sam writing to his hero Dracula instead of Santa. From Silverline Books.