Six-Gun Gorilla From BOOM!

It’s been a while since I’ve been excited about anything from BOOM! Studios. Not because they aren’t making good comics; just because I haven’t read any of them for a while. Next month, however, that looks to change. Six-Gun Gorilla looks and sounds very cool indeed.



This June, BOOM! Studios launches a bold new mash-up of Western and Sci-Fi with SIX-GUN GORILLA. Because the only thing better than a gorilla in a comic book is a gorilla with gigantic, matching six-shooters.

Inspired by an obscure public domain character, SIX-GUN GORILLA is created and written by Simon Spurrier (X-MEN: LEGACY, CROSSED: WISH YOU WERE HERE) with interior art by Jeff Stokely (FRAGGLE ROCK, THE REASON FOR DRAGONS) and featuring a cover by Eisner Award-winning artist Ramón Pérez (A TALE OF SAND, WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN), SIX – GUN GORILLA is a pulpy mash-up of Western weirdness and lo-fi science fiction unlike anything else on the stands!

Welcome to “the Blister” — a bizarre other-world colonized by humans sometime in the 22nd century, which quickly became a hotly-contested source of fertile land and natural resources long ago exhausted on Earth. In this new frontier, a rogue gunslinger and his companion wander across a wilderness in the grips of a civil war, encountering lawlessness, natives, and perversions of civilization in a world at the crossroads between the past and the future. The fact that said gunslinger is a bio-surgically modified silverback gorilla toting a pair of enormous revolvers is neither here nor there.

“The words “Six-Gun Gorilla” have squatted in my psyche – as immovable as only a revolver-packin’ primate can be – since I first heard them. How could I pass up the chance to breathe new life into such an insane, evocative title (so sinfully neglected since its inception as a 1939 pulp serial)?” explained Spurrier, “In deference to its unknown writer, our new version has mutated into a comic unlike any other: a relentless blast of deconstructive weirdness, gunsmoke, surreal frontiers and Awesome Ape Action. Six-Gun Gorilla is a head-poppin’, civil-warrin’, wilderness-crossin’ epic with sly sci-fi notes: a love-letter to the Western genre, signed with a flourish by a black-furred and blood-drenched fist.”

SIX – GUN GORILLA #1 will arrive in stores on June 12th with a cover by Ramón Pérez and carries a retail price of $3.99 under Diamond order code APR130933. And don’t forget to ask your retailer about the incentive cover by James Harren (B.P.R.D.)!




 Oh, and BOOM! are also the latest publisher to give us Robocop comics too.


Michael Midas Champion

Next month a new all-ages series debuts from former Batman editor Jordan B. Gorfinkel. The pic below looks awesome, and the premise sounds cool too.


Behind Every Cape And Cowl There’s A Human Side.

This June, BOOM! Studios is proud to announce MICHAEL MIDAS CHAMPION by Jordan B. Gorfinkel and Scott Benefiel. Wrapping a classic fairy tale in superhero comic book clothing, MICHAEL MIDAS CHAMPION blends the heart of It’s A Wonderful Life, the majesty of The Princess Bride and the thrills of Spider-Man.

MICHAEL MIDAS CHAMPION is the inspirational life story of Michael Midas, who, as told by a grandmother to her grandson, grows from being a boy—dealing with a playground crush stolen from him by a tormenting bully—into a crimson hero who dons a mask and battles evil, particularly the bully of his youth, who has, naturally, become his supervillain arch-nemesis. Through his triumphs and trials, Michael becomes a superhero so dedicated that he loses touch of what’s important in life—his loved ones—puttting them and the whole Earth on a path to complete destruction. But given a rare second chance, can Michael Midas Champion set things right? Will he?

Chris Renaud, director of DESPICABLE ME and DR. SEUSS’ THE LORAX, said, “MICHAEL MIDAS CHAMPION delivers a dynamic narrative and spectacular illustration while answering the question, ‘How do you balance a family and superpowers?’ Everyone can recognize their own life in the character of Michael Midas and that’s what makes it fun. I truly enjoyed reading this story.”

MICHAEL MIDAS CHAMPION is a full throttle, heart string tugging, all ages book filled with suspense, action, romance and wonderfully poignant scenes told in a cinematic wide-screen layout. A story that will touch a part of everyone that reads it.

Bonus: each issue also showcases an original short story, created by The Troika, the former Batman editors Jordan B. Gorfinkel, Scott Peterson and Darren Vincenzo, and special guests, including legendary Dark Knight writer/creator Denny O’Neil.

MICHAEL MIDAS CHAMPION will ship this July. This title is a six-issue mini-series which is accessible to all ages. Attention Consumers and Retailers–All six issues of Michael Midas Champion are complete, insuring on-time delivery and low-risk ordering.

Each issue will run 48 pages (with no interior ads) in a unique “Widescreen Comics” landscape format and will carry a $4.99 price point, with a Diamond Comics Distribution Order Code of MAY120978.

Extermination from BOOM! Studios

Here’s the press release about a June launching series from BOOM! Studios, plus the variant covers, and four text-free preview pages. Looks pretty good, and intense.


This June, BOOM! Studios launches EXTERMINATION, an all-new ongoing super-hero thriller written by Simon Spurrier (X-CLUB, FEAR ITSELF: THE HOME FRONT, CROSSED, WOLVERINE: DANGEROUS GAMES) and drawn by rising star Jeffrey Edwards, with a full 22-page first issue for only $1!

WE LOST. THEY WON. In the wake of an apocalyptic alien invasion, the world’s greatest super-heroes and deadliest super-villains must form an alliance to prevent their own extermination. Two arch-enemies, Nox, a driven hero, and Red Reaper, a ruthless villain, form a volatile partnership for the greater good. The enemy of your enemy is your friend — but will they be able to ultimately put aside their bitter past to prevent global genocide? What happens when all the battle lines are redrawn and foes become unlikely allies in a desperate war for the fate of the very planet — and the outcome of a species?

Title ships in June with main covers by John Cassaday, Trevor Hairsine, Michael Gaydos, James Harren, and Frazer Irving, as well as James Harren and Trevor Hairsine sketch covers. There will also be a special 1:100, CGC certified 9.8 Near Mint sketch variant by legendary artist John Cassaday.

“Si Spurrier is a massive talent,” says BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon. “With EXTERMINATION, he’s boldly exploring the dark crevices of the entire superhero genre. Not to be missed!”

“I love the premise of this post-apocalyptic series,“ says BOOM! Studios Founder and Chief Executive Officer Ross Richie. “At $1 for the first full issue and with this exciting cover line-up and a killer creative team, this book is ready to catch on fire.”

EXTERMINATION is written by Simon Spurrier (X-CLUB, FEAR ITSELF: THE HOME FRONT, CROSSED, WOLVERINE: DANGEROUS GAMES) and drawn by rising star Jeffrey Edwards.

Title ships in June with main covers by John Cassaday, Trevor Hairsine, Michael Gaydos, James Harren and Frazer Irving. As well as James Harren and Trevor Hairsine sketch covers, and a special 1:100, CGC certified 9.8 Near Mint variant by legendary artist John Cassaday. This title ships for $1 with a Diamond Order Code of APR120887.

EXT from BOOM! Studios

BOOM! don’t usually offer teasers for upcoming comics. That’s usually the modus operandi of Marvel. However, this looks kinda cool, in a Mark Millar type way. All we know is that it’s called EXT. Well, at least that’s the file name of the image below. Expect more info in the coming days or weeks.

And here’s the second teaser.

Steed and Mrs Peel #1 Review

Back in 1990 Grant Morrison wrote this series for Eclipse Comics based on the classic spy TV series, The Avengers. Thanks to BOOM! Studios it’s back in print and here’s my review of the first issue.

Preview below.

Adventure Time Comics at BOOM! Studios

Being a pop culture hound that I am, I’ve been aware of kooky, new cartoon series Adventure Time for a while now, but only actually watched it a few days ago when I stumbled upon it on TV. It’s like a crazy mash-up of Ren and Stimpy and Monty Python. Now, the fun is coming to comics, though since it’s coming from their all-ages imprint, I assume any of the more…subversive elements will be erased. Check out any random Adventure Time clips on YouTube and you’ll see what I mean. 





Cartoon Network’s smash hit animated comedy series Adventure Time is coming to BOOM! Studios’ all-ages imprint KaBOOM! in an ongoing monthly comic book series featuring all-new original stories! Hold on to your swords! Adventure Time #1 ships this February!

The highly-anticipated first issue from the monthly series features a story written by Ryan North, author of the smash-hit webcomic Dinosaur Comics, and drawn by Shelli Paroline, the artist of ICE AGE: ICED IN and MUPPET SNOW WHITE.

“It’s quite exciting to bring this series to comics. My wife and I are huge fans and sing Marceline’s ‘Daddy, why’d you eat my fries?’ song around the house all the time,” BOOM! Studios Founder and Chief Executive Officer Ross Richie said. “Pendleton Ward has created a brilliantly original voice in this show and it’s a true ‘All Ages’ property that appeals both to kids and also has a substantial amount of adult fans. Watch for the waving snail!

“It was like a bomb dropped in the office when we announced Adventure Time,” says BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon. “Everyone at BOOM! was just as excited as any fan. Adventure Time is such a classic story at its heart- a boy and his dog on different adventures – but the genius of the show allows us to take a simple concept and get really creative with the presentation. Everyone we’ve worked with is a huge fan of the show and creator Pen Ward has been instrumental in bringing this comic book to life. ”

The ADVENTURE TIME comic series will follow Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, Princess Bubblegum and the other inhabitants of the Land of Ooo as they explore many varied adventures. Since its debut on Cartoon Network, Adventure Time has become a runaway hit, with explosive growth in ratings, huge critical and fan acclaim, a major presence at fan conventions and more, it’s clear fandom is obsessed and 2012 is the Year of Adventure Time! Don’t miss out on this new phenomenon—this first issue is sure to get snapped up! You can pre-order the books at your local comic shop. Don’t know where it is? Go to Or you can stop by BOOM! Studios ( pre-order issue #1 or a subscription today!

ADVENTURE TIME #1 is written by Ryan North with art by Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb. This title ships with three covers in a 75/25 split by Chris Houghton and Jeffrey Brown in a 1-in-10 incentive by Chris Houghton, a 1-in-20 incentive by Jeffrey Brown, and a 1-in-30 Chris Houghton Wraparound Cover. This title ships in February, featuring a price point of $3.99 with a Diamond Code of DEC110939.

Additional information about future books in the Adventure Time comic series from KaBOOM! will be available in the coming months.


Valen the Outcast #1 Review

Originally titled simply Outcast, this new series debut is only $1, and do you ever get a lot of bang for that buck! Hyped as “undead Conan,” this new BOOM! Studios title written by Michael Alan Nelson with art by Matteo Scalera (Deadpool) lives up to that cool description with a rousing tale, and a fair bit of bloodshed.

Things kick off with King Valen Brand of Oakhaven as the last man standing of his armies, being captured by his enemy, the necromancer Korrus Null who tells the defeated ruler that he doesn’t want his kingdom, but “something else entirely.”

Flashing forward Valen is alive and well (sort of) and has just received a magic tattoo from the lovely Zjanna who is none too supportive of his death wish to reclaim what was once his. Through the next few pages we learn that Valen is indeed a member of the living dead and just wants his soul back.

It’s obvious Nelson is having a ball here, with a daring tale to be told and lively characters thrown together. I even noticed a subtle Star Wars, and Aliens, reference. Seeking the shifty Alexio Cordovan out from a rowdy tavern to be his guide through the dangers of Wraithendal, the pair aren’t off to a great start, but Valen finds an opportunist who gives him what he’s after and leads him to well, danger.

An unlikely fellowship is forged and the adventure begins, though Null has a surprising secret weapon.

Nelson does well to not cram in a lot of mythology and background information of the main cast. It’s done organically through the entertaining story. We have the comedic character, the sexy character and Valen, the outcast in every sense of the word. Having a murdered king who is now living and feared by the people he once ruled, and soldiers he once fought beside, is a great idea and gives a real emotional weight to Valen’s noble, though dangerous, quest. He’s a typical ruler, but also a man of quiet focus and inner conflict, willing to make the most of his current existence.

This is a great example of how to craft a premiere issue of a new series. It’s easy to follow, with enough hooks to grab the reader and bring them back for the second issue. It did take some digging, but apparently this is an ongoing series, rather than BOOM!’s typical mini-series, but this concept is certainly strong enough to live up to that scope.

Nelson is one of comics’ most underrated writers, who is consistently entertaining, as he’s proven with 28 Days Later, Hawks of Outremer and many other series, including one of my faves – Hexed. In fact, he’s been responsible for a lot of BOOM!’s output in the last few years.

Scalera’s art is dynamic and expressive, especially during the well realised battles, and although the background details aren’t ornate, he fills this fantasy world with great costume design and manages to make the tavern, the forest and the village square all retain the look of the sword and sorcery setting. Archie van Buren’s colours bring much life and intensity when needed too, particularly during Zjanna’s hectic fight with a few of Null’s soldiers.

At only $1, you’d be wise to pick this great action packed fantasy debut up.

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