Ace Cop: American Choppers

No, it’s not a crazy tie-in with that reality TV show about a family of motorcycle builders.


Critically Acclaimed Nicolle Brothers Deliver Killer Miniseries!

Fresh off their television debut on FOX’s Animation Domination High-Def, Ethan and Malachai Nicolle return with a three-part miniseries chock full of action in Axe Cop: American Choppers!

Axe Cop is comics taken straight back to their source — to a child’s unharnessed imagination. And there’s also axes.” said Axe Cop voice actor Patton Oswalt.

President of the World Axe Cop reunites with Super Axe (an old friend from college), and the two decide to start a superteam of axe-wielding heroes to defend America—the American Choppers. They are joined by Captain Axe, Axe Girl, Axe Woman, Axe Dog, and other axe-wielding heroes. The only problem is that there are no bad guys left, but that all changes when mysterious giant creatures attack the city!

Praise for Axe Cop:

“The brilliance is precisely a function of its incongruity.”

Pop Matters

Axe Cop emerges as a wacked-out, irreverent hoot, full of colorful absurdities.”


“It’s a nonsensical but inventive and purely entertaining takeoff on superhero tales.”—New York Times

“So engaging that you can’t help but read this book all in one sitting.”


Watch episodes of Axe Cop on Animation Domination High-Def!

Axe Cop: American Choppers #1 debuts May 21 in comic shops everywhere! Catch up with Axe Cop Volumes 1–5!

Malachai Nicolle was a five year old kid when he and his brother created Axe Cop together.  He is from rural Washington and he loves Dinosaurs, Ben 10, video games of all kinds, and anything involving bad guys getting destroyed.

Ethan Nicolle is 29 years old when he created Axe Cop with his brother.  He is a comic artist/writer living in Los Angeles. He is the writer/artist/creator of the Eisner Award nominated Chumble Spuzz (SLG Publishing). He currently has a couple of shows optioned at Cartoon Network and is working on the Axe Cop TV show at FOX ADHD, as well as his other web comic, Bearmageddon.



Axe Cop Mania

I’ve known about the sheer delightful insanity of webcomic Axe Cop for a while now, but only recently read the Dark Horse TPB collecting the first few dozen episodes in a wonderful 120 page collection. I yakked about it gleefully in our most recent Extra Sequential podcast (which will be up soon), but seeing as the series just celebrated its 1 year anniversary, it’s worthing mentioning and recommending.

As it’s written by 5 year old Malachai and drawn by his 29 year old brother Ethan (Chumble Spuzz) you know it’s going to be chock full of wild, rambling adventure, and it sure is. The Axe Cop TPB is the funniest comic I have ever read, bar none and beyond the zany stories, it’s filled with the delightful Ask Axe Cop features and intros from Ethan about how he works with his brother and just how crazy the huge success of the series is.

If you’re familiar with Axe Cop (if not, you should be!) then you’ll get a kick out of this great short, Australian made fan film. It’s amusing how it reminds me of Sin City with the earnest narration, but obviously with a much greater sense of fun. How awesome it would be to see a live action or cartoon Axe Cop on the small screen.

There’s also an interview at Newsarama, primarily with Ethan about March’s upcoming Axe Cop mini-series, Bad Guy Earth, but younger Malachai chimes in at the start:

Malachai: That’s all! Answer is never, never, never, never, never!

Nrama: Um, what was the question?

Ethan: You’ll never know.

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