Nathan Edmondson and Brett Weldele Interview

Writer Nathan Edmondson (Olympus) and artist Brett Weldele (The Surrogates) have just launched a spectacular mini-series form Image called The Light. It’s a great new concept with suitably creepy and dramatic visuals. You can read my interview with the creative duo at Broken Frontier here.

Skulls Webcomic

I interviewed writer John R. Fultz for Broken Frontier a while ago, to discuss his Archaia project Primordia. Now he has a new webcomic out called Skulls, which you can start reading right here. Fultz both writes and draws the fantasy black and white series. It’s released weekly and has just begun, with the first 2 chapters up now, so now’s the time to jump on board. While you’re there, check out the host site, Black Gate which is an anthology mag devoted to fantasy literature.

Robin Hood Trailer

Opening in May is the next Ridley Scott/ Russel Crowe team-up – Robin Hood, based on the legendary archer. It just looks like Gladiator with bows and arrows so far, but we’ll see when it opens next year.

Snider Writes Toy Story

Below is a press release from BOOM! Studios about their latest Toy Story title, which is now an ongoing. The fast growing indie publisher has had great success with their Disney and Pixar line, such as The Incredibles and Cars, so it’s great to see they’ll still be putting out the all-ages books, despite Disney’s recent purchase of Marvel. The writer of the new 4 issue arc, beginning in December is Jesse Blaze Snider. That’s a surprise I must say, though his recently concluded mini-series for DC, Dead Romeo was far better than was initially apparent with it’s vamp romance/drama tale. It was quite dark too, so to go from that to the kid-friendly Toy Story is quite a jump, but obviously BOOM! has faith in the man, so congrats are definitely due Snider.


Why wait until next summer’s TOY STORY 3 to get your Buzz on? BOOM Kids! has your back! With the breakout success of last Spring’s TOY STORY miniseries, BOOM Kids! announces today that as of December, TOY STORY will launch as an ongoing monthly, starting with TOY STORY #0, written by rock star Jesse Blaze Snider!

“When I first saw TOY STORY years ago, I was in love,” said Snider. “It wasn’t just the idea that every toy has a secret life, but I was fascinated with the secret lives of those toys we saw in the film. It’s always been something in the back of my mind, Woody and Buzz and even the Pizza Planet aliens waiting to come out to play again. This is a tremendous opportunity and it will not disappoint.”

Jesse Blaze Snider is well known for starring in the popular MTV show, “Rock the Cradle” where he received acclaim from fans and critics alike for his “Back-Flipping” performances on the show. Fans will also recognize Jesse as a Music Host and VJ for MTV2, Fuse and AOL’s Top 11 Countdown.

When he is not writing comic books, Jesse is in the studio working on his first solo record. Growing up the son of famed rock star Dee Snider, Jesse attributes some of his greatest musical influences to watching THE MUPPET SHOW.

But Snider isn’t just a song and dance man. He’s a jack-of-all-trades with a background in comics, working on titles for both Marvel and DC, from MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS to the critically acclaimed vampire book from DC called DEAD ROMEO.

TOY STORY #0 is the tale of two Buzzes. When Andy receives another Buzz as a gift, old Buzz finds himself challenged by new Buzz! And only Woody can save the day.

The first four-issue arc is written by Jesse Blaze Snider, with interior art and covers by Nathan Watson.

Swap Your DVDs For Blu-Ray

Warner Bros. are offering a unique opportunity for those who believe Blu-Ray is the best way to see films, or for those who just want to watch movies on their PS3. You can send in certain Warner Bros. titles and they’ll send you the Blu-Ray equivalent. Go here for the full lowdown, but basically it’s for U.S residents only and will cost you a $4.95 postage fee.

We Kill Monsters #5 Review

I got the 3rd season of 30 Rock tonight and I’m strongly tempted to watch all 22 episodes, and wake up late tomorrow for work. However, I have a copy of Red 5’s great series We Kill Monsters and I’m choosing to read and review that instead. That should tell you how good it is.

Simple, well-written tales are a rarity in these days of multi-character epics that require many months (and dollars) of commitment. That’s where Red 5 come along. Series like their Atomic Robo and Neozoic are brilliant, because they’re entertaining and accessible.

WKM’s writing partners Christopher Leone and Laura Harkcom have taken a simple premise (two brothers fight aliens in their hometown) and put enough familial drama, action and alien mystery to create an intriguing narrative. Penciller Brian Churilla has really been getting a lot of attention lately, thanks to BOOM!’s new The Anchor series (also good) and he does magic with the few lines he uses here.

This penultimate issue starts with the continuation of last month’s discovery of the creatures’ origins. This leads to Vanessa, long-time friend of the heroic Basher brothers of the title, to question not only herself but someone very close to her, and that kind of doubt is never a good thing when you’re armed with a loaded rifle. Jake and Drew Basher then head off to the source of the monsters – a cereal factory that’s manufacturing living mascots. Yep, it’s one of those ideas that could almost be a “shark jumping” moment, but throughout this series Leone and Harkcom have proved adept at balancing humour with danger. And there are a few genuine laughs in this issue, aided greatly by Churilla’s perfect timing and expressive emotions, but there are also thrills and spills. It’s never an easy thing to make readers genuinely concerned about the welfare of a bunch of new characters, in a new series (and from new comic writers no less) but I’m certainly not the only one who’s noticed the fine work in this humble title.

I hope Leone and Harkcom continue to write sequential art once this series wraps. We Kill Monsters is the kind of series that I’d happily read again in Trade form, and is a great entry level tale for anyone new to the medium, or for veteran fanboys who want a refreshing reminder that simplicity doesn’t have to mean lack of creativity.

Spawn #196

The countdown for February’s Spawn #200 is on and according to the teaser in November’s Previews catalogue features a host of talent, including the gentlemen mentioned below, but also David Finch, Marc Silvestri, Robert Kirkman and Jim Lee. That’s a star studded roster right there. Press release below regarding this month’s Spawn #196.


Image Comics founders and IMAGE UNITED collaborators join forces on the highly anticipated finale to SPAWN: ENDGAME!

Spawn #196For the past year, SPAWN: ENDGAME has riveted readers with its game-changing story line featuring the death of Al Simmons and Todd McFarlane’s return to illustrating his seminal creation. In November’s SPAWN #196, ENDGAME concludes with a bang as McFarlane shares art duties with fellow Image Comics founder Rob Liefeld.

“I was looking for good artistic help, and remembered inking over Rob on his New Mutant covers back in the Marvel days, and most recently a little bit of IMAGE UNITED,” McFarlane said. “I thought it would be a fun experiment to see what Capullo layouts, Liefeld pencils and my inks looked like together on a handful of pages.”

In the conclusion of SPAWN: ENDGAME, reporter Marc Rosen connects the miracle patient stories to the new SPAWN, Jim Downing, as detectives Sam, Twitch and Rowand discover the association between Downing’s awakening, Bill Winston’s suicide and the Nortego crime syndicate.

SPAWN #196 (JUL090355), a 32-page full color comic book for $2.95, will be in-stores November 25th, 2009.

Mark Waid Is Incorruptible

BOOM! Studios “let slip” about this new series during their presentation at Comic-Con this year and now here is the official announcement. Mark Waid’s excellent dark superhero series, Irredeemable is getting a spin-off of sorts. When first I heard the title, I thought it might be a prequel detailing The Plutonian’s descent from heroism to villainy. That’s not the case, but it sounds intriguing enough.



Incorruptible #1 Cvr AThe Flip Side To This Year’s Break-Out Smash Hit IRREDEEMABLE!

A New Ongoing Series That Asks The Question: What Happens When A Villain Becomes A Hero?

Issue #1 covers by John Cassaday and Tim Sale

Incentive cover by Jeffrey Spokes

Last April BOOM! Studios showed the world that “Mark Waid Is Evil” with the smash hit series IRREDEEMABLE. Now Mark Waid is INCORRUPTIBLE. A new ongoing series launching this December, INCORRUPTIBLE asks the question: What Happens When A Villain Becomes A Hero? Written by Mark Waid and sporting sensational interior art by hot newcomer Neil Edwards (SQUADRON SUPREME) INCORRUPTIBLE features covers by John Cassaday (ASTONISHING X-MEN) and Tim Sale (BATMAN: LONG HALLOWEEN).

INCORRUPTIBLE showcases super villain Max Damage, who had an epiphany the day The Plutonian destroyed Sky City. That day, when The Plutonian turned his back on humanity, Max Damage decided to step up. Now Max Damage has changed his name to Max Daring and turned from his formerly selfish ways to become… INCORRUPTIBLE. The flip side to this year’s break-out smash hit IRREDEEMABLE, examining the hard, difficult road to changing your ways and making a difference in the world…

Incorruptible #1 Cvr C“While you don’t need to be reading IRREDEEMABLE to enjoy this new series, INCORRUPTIBLE continues that complex study of caped morality at the end of the world,” says Managing Editor, Matt Gagnon. “Readers will be shown a shockingly different perspective of The Plutionian’s world, where a super-villain, pushed by an insurmountable force, dares to be INCORRUPTIBLE. ”

INCORRUPTIBLE is an ongoing series written by Mark Waid, with sensational interior art by sizzling hot artist Neil Edwards (FARSCAPE). INCORRUPTIBLE #1 ships with two covers in a 50/50 split, featuring art by John Cassaday (IRREDEEMABLE, PLANETARY) and Tim Sale (BATMAN: HAUNTED KNIGHT, HEROES), and also has a 1-in-10 incentive cover by Jeffrey Spokes. INCORRUPTIBLE carries a Diamond Code of OCT090784.

Kill Audio Trailer

In the rapidly growing line-up of musicians creating comics, here comes BOOM!’s Kill Audio, which debuted at this year’s Comic-Con. It’s co-written by Claudio Sanchez of band Coheed and Cambria fame, and features an invincible troll. Brand new trailer, and press release, below.

“KILL AUDIO scratches just the right itch.”


“This book will scrape the dark matter out of the back of your brain and force feed it back to you.”

– Richard Starkings(ELEPHANTMEN, founder of Comicraft)

KillAudio_01_CVR_ABOOM! Studios announced the debut of a new original trailer to promote Claudio Sanchez’ series KILL AUDIO. Trailer features a sneak peek at an original song inspired by the series. KILL AUDIO #1 will be available at retail in Direct Market comic book stores October 7th.

Claudio Sanchez, the celebrated creator of the COHEED AND CAMBRIA mythology, including the best selling sci-fi mini-series, THE AMORY WARS, is back with an entirely new concept: KILL AUDIO! KILL AUDIO follows the adventures of an immortal little troll who struggles to find purpose in a land where creativity is a controlled substance. When musical creativity spirals into chaos, KILL AUDIO discovers his life mission. Supported by a wildly eccentric posse and a nemesis hell-bent on proving his mortality, KILL AUDIO takes on non-sensical musical sub-genres while traipsing across a vivid landscape, all of which could only come from the intense mind of Claudio Sanchez.

“This is disturbing work, and I mean that as a compliment,” BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Mark Waid said. “Anyone who’s a fan of THE MAXX or of Robot Chicken should check this out.”

Fans might be familiar with KILL AUDIO from the previously released best-selling vinyl toy. Written by Claudio Sanchez and Chondra Echert, KILL AUDIO features mind-melting art by Harvey Nominated Mr. Sheldon with covers by Mr. Sheldon and Kristian Donaldson of DMZ fame.

Super Max And Whiteout

Justin Marks is a fanboy screenwriter who has been attached to a few dream projects, such as He-Man, Voltron, Hack/Slash and Suicide Squad. None of those films have yet to be made as yet though, but the one script of his that is generating most of the excitement is one based on Green Arrow. In it, Oliver Queen only appears as the Emerald Archer briefly in the film’s intro, before being framed and imprisoned in a Super Maximum penitentiary, with many supervillains he’s put there. Then he tries to break out while battling them. It’s an unusual take on a comic book film, and the title definitely needs to be changed (Super Max sounds like a Disney film) but now a similar script (without the comic characters) has been picked up by Sony with a supernatural twist. It looks like Warner Bros. still wants to make the Green Arrow-centred one though. Phew.

On the comic book adaptation note, the new film Whiteout which stars Kate Beckinsale as a U.S Marshall investigating the first death in Alaska has been released in America. It’s based on the 1998 4 ish mini by Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber and so far, the reviews haven’t been kind. It’s directed by Dominic Sena (Gone in Sixty Seconds) and doesn’t open in Australia until November 5.

Whiteout Poster

Atomic Robo Comes To Life

Red 5’s flagship hero, Atomic Robo is now a live action character. Not as a film, but the humorous hero would make  a great silver screen adventurer. Rather, Red 5 have apparently been working on their new “booth babe” for months. Pictures below and more here. Hope I see him at next year’s Comic-Con.

Atomic Robo 1

Atomic Robo 2

Atomic Robo 3

Atomic Robo Volume 1

Del Toro Book Signing

I had no idea the director of such excellent films as Hellboy and Pan’s Labyrinth was also an author. Well, now he’s signing his debut book at Meltdown Comics in LA. The book has a very funky website and is the first in a vampire trilogy that the director of the upcoming The Hobbit  is co-authoring.

REALLY? And it’s a Meltdown Event Exclusive Edition to boot! Deluxe Hardcover, Limited to only 500 units with signed, tipped-in plate
: $26.99 



What else do I need to know? Line up starts Monday, June 1st. the line will be allowed into the store at 11:59PM. Books go on sale 2 minutes later Tuesday, June 2nd 12:01AM.

NOTE: If attending the event, walk-in preorders will be held for you to get signed and dedicated. Please do bring a printout of your confirmation. If you would like the book shipped, it will go out the afternoon of June, 2nd 

Preorder Book hereMeltdown Comics 
Official Book site 

About Meltdown Comics
Meltdown Comics is the largest comic book shop on the West Coast, located in the heart of Hollywood on Sunset Blvd. Meltdown opened in 1993 and has since become one the most respected comic book store in the world. With a sophisticated approach to merchandise and operations – and a reputation for hosting successful events in their Melt Gallery – Meltdown is a must-see pop culture destination.

New DC Busts

Now these look awesome. If I had more money and a funky display cabinet, I’d be gathering up every statue and bust I could get. DC’s characters have always looked good, thanks to the fine folks at DC Direct. Now they have a new line in the works – DC Dynamics. The statues are designed to showcase each character interacting with the environment. So far, 5 have been unveiled. All are 11″ high and don’t go on sale until January next year. Gaze lovingly at the pics until then. Wonder Woman is the first to go on sale, but she and Aquaman look like they’re in their classic costumes for some reason. Batman looks simply awesome though.




Hear Mark Waid

Official press release below about BOOM!’s EIC, and legendary writer Mark Waid and his new podcast. He’s a helpful guy that Waid, so if you’re a wannabe writer, check out what he has to say.

15minuteswithwaidBOOM! Studios today launched the weekly “15 Minutes with Waid” podcast, where you will be able to get your weekly dose of Mark Waid ruminating on the hot topics of today’s comic industry and talking about the latest creative endeavors of the inimitable Mark Waid. 
Called “15 Minutes with Waid,” the podcast wil be limited to 15 minutes and is hosted at the newly launched MARKWAID.COM, which premiered last month. 

BOOM! Studios Editor-In Chief Mark Waid, award-winning writer of such series as KINGDOM COME, EMPIRE, 52, and AMAZING-SPIDER MAN and a longtime industry veteran, hits the keyboard to blog regularly at MARKWAID.COM about his years of experience in the field. Updated daily with new content, MARKWAID.COM features free webcomics, podcasts, vlogs, script tutorials, rants, and special guests on a regular basis. 

Waid’s new series, IRREDEEMABLE, launches this April and will feature variant covers by John Cassaday (ASTONISHING X-MEN, PLANETARY) and Barry Kitson (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) in a 75/25 split and a special afterword by Grant Morrison. It is currently available for pre-order from the Diamond Previews Catalog with an order code of FEB094134.

“In superhero comics, pretty much everyone who’s called upon to put on a cape is, at heart, emotionally equipped for the job. I reject that premise,” said series writer and BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Mark Waid. “IRREDEEMABLE is, in a way, my third and most complex chapter on the cost of superheroics – a pulp adventure tale of horror exploring how the lessons we learn about right and wrong as children can become warped and twisted when challenged by the realities of the adult world.”

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