Cap, Spidey and Transformers Trailers

The Superbowl is done for another year. One team won and one team lost, but what I’m interested in are the new trailers!

Opening April 4 is the Captain America sequel, The Winter Soldier. It looks darker than the original. Oh yeah!

Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the longest and by far, most intense trailer of the three released today, with a focus on the villains. It opens on May 2 from Sony, withe original main cast and director. Electro reminds me of The Riddler in Batman Forever, as a loser who idolises the superhero and then goes nutty.

Finally, the Transformers sequel (that nobody really asked for), with a new human cast  is the shortest and less revealing. Lots of pointy, shiny robots, explosions and humans running. Oh, and also Optimus Prime riding a dragon-like (rather than T-Rex) Grimlock. I’m not sure if that’s cool yet.


Dungeons & Dragons is 40

Yep, D & D is four decades old! The pioneering role-playing debuted in 1974, created by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, and it’s still going strong. It’s had multiple editions, comics, a cartoon and live action films, computer games and novels. I used to play Advanced Dungeons & Dragons in my high school days, and it was great fun, and every now and then I think of revisiting it.

Happy birthday D & D!