Daredevil #36 Preview

I’m about a year behind on this great series that continues to wow readers and critics alike. Below is a preview of the final issue of Daredevil (for now), as it relaunches in March anyway – with the same creative team! There’s a great interview with the duo at Nerdist that explains it though (interview excerpt and pretty preview pics after the jump).

The End? Or the Beginning? Your First Look at DAREDEVIL #36!

This February – Matt Murdock’s life comes crashing down in DAREDEVIL #36 – the fearless final issue from critically acclaimed storytellers Mark Waid & Chris Samnee! After the shocking events of last issue, there’s nowhere left for Matt to run. The Man Without Fear stands alone against the villainous hate group known as Sons of the Serpent. And their climactic clash is about to take place on a different kind of battlefield – in a New York City courtroom! But how much is he willing to sacrifice in the name of victory? It’s time for the Man Without Fear to show how fearless he really is. And the truth may shock you! It’s all been leading to this – and the seeds sown here bear bitter fruit for Daredevil in 2014! You don’t need a radar sense to know this one will be big! Don’t miss the epic finale this February in DAREDEVIL #36!

DAREDEVIL #36 (DEC130738)

Written by MARK WAID

Art & Cover by CHRIS SAMNEE

FOC 1/27/14, ON-SALE 2/19/14





N: Why is Daredevil restarting at #1 rather than simply picking up at #37? I understand that Ol’ Hornhead is getting a fresh start, but is the numerical change meant to be symbolic?

CS: With the end of #36 a chapter in Matt Murdock’s life has ended. We’re moving forward now in a new direction with a new cast and new stakes. The new #1 just makes sense. We’re restarting the series just as Matt is trying to jump start his life and career.

MW: We were actually given the opportunity by Marvel to relaunch with a #1 last year as part of the Marvel NOW! initiative, which absolutely would have boosted sales–but together, the team agreed that since we were in the middle of a storyline, it would be a gimmick, not an organic shift. When the opportunity arose to relaunch again this year, it made a lot more sense given the way we’re about to change literally every aspect of Matt Murdock’s life. Every aspect.

N: Given that its starting over at #1, will this be a good place for new readers to hop on or will it be building off of the events of the previous series? What’s the most exciting part about “starting over”?

MW: The most exciting part of a relaunch? Honestly? To me, it’s the challenge to the craft of writing–how to make it feel totally new-reader accessible while at the same time not losing any of the previous readers or the momentum the characters have built. But I know we can do it. Especially given how soon one of the villains from the previous run will be popping up….

CS: It builds off of the current run, sure. It also directly follows the Road Warrior Infinite story that Mark and Peter Krause have coming up. That being said, I think it will be a perfect spot for new readers to jump on. In the same way that Mark made the current run such an easy in-point for folks that hadn’t been following along for years, while still building on everything that had come before.  I think the most exciting part is that hopefully new readers will decide to jump in and be excited about what we are doing.  I’m also excited about having a fresh locale to work in.  San Francisco is full of character and will be a fun city to draw!

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