The Last American and Overrun

UK publisher Com.x may not publish a lot, but what they do is worthy of your time. Their next project is a new edition of a classic work. Here’s the official lowdown.

Exactly 8 years after its publication by Com.x in 2004 as a trade paperback, we are proud to announce the DIGITAL publication of The Last American.

Originally a four-issue comic-book mini-series released under the Marvel Epic Comics imprint in 1990, The Last American was written by John Wagner (Judge Dredd, A History of Violence) and Alan Grant (Judge Dredd, 2000AD) with art by Mike McMahon (Judge Dredd, ABC Warriors, Slaine). Innovative and groundbreaking on its initial release, its message and tone are still completely relevant in today’s political and social climate.

Eddie Deighton from Com.x comments:

“We are so pleased to finally be bringing this amazing book back to market, albeit in digital format only. Readers may or may not be aware, but as the book was created in the 1990’s it precedes digital technology, so the pages only exist in their original form or as reprographic film separations. We’ve spent the last six months painstakingly scanning the pages from our printed collected edition, retouching them and boosting the colours for today’s mobile devices whilst retaining the wonderful quality of Mick’s line-work and colouring technique.

Unless you were lucky to pick up a (much sought after) copy of our collected edition, or copies of the original 4-issue mini-series, this is the best opportunity you’ll get to own and read a book that was way ahead of its time.”

“…for me this is one of the very best comic-books ever published… Pilgrim has a gallery of nightmares to face beyond

anything mere science-fiction or horror could offer. But he also finds hope, in the story’s last and most affecting sequence,

and that – perhaps – is The Last American’s greatest surprise.”


“Under the editorial guidance of the late greatly missed Archie Goodwin, with darkly funny scripting by John Wagner and Alan Grant, Mike fashioned some of his finest pages. Here are all the elements that characterise his work. His idiosyncratic vision, his command of storytelling, his sense of humour, his sense of drama and his sheer good craftsmanship.”


“…Reprint, please…”


“…Our pick this week…”


“It’s funny, it’s sad, it’s incredible, it’s almost unbelievable. But it retains enough realism that it could happen… Order it today… I don’t care how you get it. Just get it.”


The Last American is available on ComiXology, Graphicly and iVerse on 4th April 2012, priced at $4.99 for 128-pages.

An upcoming OGN called Overrun has been getting some well deserved attention lately, and the book is currently looking for a publisher. Overrun is by Andi Ewington, the writer of Com.x’s unique 45, with Matt Woodley and artist Paul Green. Check out the just launched website for heaps of great artwork, and the teaser video and official description are below.

The city is at breaking point. Living space is running out.

Those in power are forced to execute a desperate measure – introduce a poison to wipe out a huge part of the population.

This is no ordinary city, however.

Overrun takes the reader into the heart of their own computer.  Citizens are files. There are .xls business people, sexy .jpegs, hip musician .mp4s.

The space which is running out is memory – the poison a computer virus.

Political intrigue and epic action scenes take place inside the brilliantly crafted world as we follow a group of friends, forgotten computer game heroes, as they fight their way through the virus infection which is transforming their fellow citizens into memory sucking zombies.